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The Interview | Dani Stahl on Keeping Traditions in the Family

If there's someone who personifies New York style, it's fashion editor and mother of two @thedanistahl. Well known for her colourful, eclectic outfits, the term dopamine dressing could have been coined for her. 


As we chat on our Zoom call, Dani tells us she's out of the fashion loop with a new baby girl to look after, but we're mesmerised by her oversize vintage sunglasses — a gift from her mum — and woven Ulla Johnson vest. This woman is effortlessly cool and it comes as no surprise that her eight-year-old daughter, Sunny, shares her flair for getting dressed. 

When Childrensalon asked Sunny and Dani to select some outfits to celebrate the upcoming Jewish holidays in, they couldn’t have been more excited. "The holidays are very important to us," Dani explains, "My in-laws, in particular, really take pride in their Judaism so this feels very fitting." While Sunny shines in a very stylish mix of luxe casuals and one stand-out dress, all chosen by her, Dani tells us proudly, we find out how the family celebrates together and how this lucky little girl is already dipping into her mother's well stocked closet.

21 Aug 2023

Proud Moments

Dressing up for family gatherings and trips to the temple is all part of the fun.

Individual Style

“Sunny has really taken ownership of choosing this edit," Dani tells us, "It's been really great to start thinking about what she'll wear. These celebrations are very much family time, when we see cousins and take a lot of pictures. And that's the thing about children's clothes for special occasions — they're usually commemorated in some way and remembered. Her camp outfits, albeit adorable, don't make it onto the wall."


We have no doubt that the outfits Sunny has chosen this year will end up in a frame, especially with all the thought that has gone into them. “She's so excited about this — to try on the things that she picked out and to show all of her grandparents what she’s chosen. She’s been telling them all about it,” Dani tells us, sounding just as excited herself. It's clear that watching this process has been a source of great interest and pride for Dani who is quite rightly impressed with all the outfit combinations that Sunny has come up with. Acknowledging that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, she smiles broadly and says, “I am definitely a colourful kind of character and she gets my sensibility. We both love getting dressed in a certain way, and she has definitely picked up on that. During the week Sunny wears a uniform but at the weekends she sometimes likes to borrow my clothes. We've established that she can wear some of my tops, not the trousers! She's really tall so she can wear my T-shirts in a cool, oversized way."


One of the stand-out pieces from Sunny's picks has to be the puffed sleeve dress from Childrensalon Occasions, and Dani agrees. "Yes, I really liked that she chose that dress," she says, "It looks great with the boots but I can also see it looking cute with white shell-top trainers too. That pink polka-dot dress is about the prettiest little girls' dress that's ever been. That's clearly the one that goes to the fancy day at temple." ​​​

"That pink polka-dot dress is about the prettiest little girls' dress that's ever been."

Sweet and Simple

A cosy cardigan is elevated with a statement stripe, and a denim skater skirt adds texture and movement to this sweet ensemble.

Gucci - Boys Brown Wool Cardigan | ChildrensalonGucci
Molo - Girls Blue Denim Skater Skirt | ChildrensalonMolo
Zaccone - Girls Metallic Gold Shoulder Bag (14cm) | ChildrensalonZaccone

A Modern Take on Tradition

The tradition of presenting your best self for religious services and family gatherings is something that Dani remembers fondly from her own childhood.  


“I grew up going to temple, and I will tell you that the biggest thing when I was a kid was what you were going to wear there. I can clearly remember my mum talking about it on the phone — it would be the hot topic. We would always be looking for something very particular and it would always be very proper. The world is a little different now but back then it had to be extremely proper. The shoes were always a thing, you’d have to have the right shoes for such an event.”


These days rocking a pair of silver cowboy boots to the temple is bold but not unexpected and while Sunny’s edit is cute and appropriate, it's the gorgeous stand-out details and accessories that make these outfits feel really special. “So, those Mama Luma boots are amazing and anything to get my daughter out of sneakers is a giant leap,” Dani laughs, “I remember when I was a kid, everything was very formal but the world has evolved a bit, and they have a lot more children's activities at temple over the holidays. It's not all sitting in the pews these days. For the kids’ services, the little Molo skirt and that sweet The New Society cardigan are perfect."

Accessories with Personality

A beautiful dress with a simple silhouette is given a new direction with a fedora hat and fabulous metallic boots.

Family Heritage

Getting the children involved in holiday celebrations is important to Dani who nods vigorously when we ask if Sunny feels a sense of pride when she's included in the celebrations. "I'm sure it's the same in many religions, the children always have a special place in the holidays. There are lots of traditions they get involved with. For the New Year (Rosh Hashanah), we dip apples in honey, so that's always fun for the kids. These traditions will be lost altogether unless we somehow pass them on." Before Dani dashes off to her baby who has refused her morning nap, we ask her what her go-to kids' labels are when Sunny isn't in charge. "I love Stella McCartney Kids. I have always thought it was really cheeky and cute. And for little babies, it will forever be Ralph Lauren's cable-knit cashmere."


We can't wait to see the family photos of Sunny in her silver boots with cosy baby sister in tow.

Discover Dani and Sunny's Edit

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