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Buying Organic for baby

As a new or expectant parent, your top priority is to keep baby healthy, happy and safe. From the food you feed them, to the items you clothe them in, it’s becoming all the more important for mums and dads to know what goes into their everyday baby items. One way to ensure the smallest members of your family are getting the best loving care is to opt for organic baby clothes, food and skincare. But what does the term ‘organic’ mean when it comes to your baby inventory?
According to the Soil Association, organic means working with nature, not against it. Ingredients and fibres are grown and processed without the use of nasty chemicals and synthetic fertilisers, and typically contain no parabens, artificial colours, dyes or scents. Organic products are also gentler on the environment, using processes that are both eco-conscious and animal friendly.
18 Sep 2019

Organic Cotton for Baby

Organic cotton is grown in chemical-free soil. No pesky pesticides are sprayed on to the plants at any stage of the growing process, which is beneficial for both the plant and surrounding wildlife. When it comes to harvesting the crop, these delicate fibres are handled carefully and spared from bleaching or colouring using unnatural dyes. Not only kinder to baby's delicate skin, buying organic cotton baby clothes also lends a helping hand to the environment. 

It is watered by nature…Traditional cotton farming uses a lot of water to produce a small amount of cotton. Organic cotton is mainly rain-fed, which reduces the impact on the environment and helps towards the overall quality of the soil and its tiny inhabitants.

It's more durable…Organic cotton is incredibly durable and hardwearing. As the fibres aren’t damaged by any harsh chemical processes, the result is a tougher yet far softer material. This makes it a great choice for everyday essentials such as babygrows, muslins and bibs.

Babies’ skin is much thinner than ours and therefore far more absorbent to substances that it comes into contact with, which is why organic cotton clothing and bedding is a great choice for avoiding irritation and triggering allergies. Many of our beautiful baby designers use organic cotton, including Stella McCartney, who prides herself on only using the finest organic cotton in her luxury line of baby and children’s clothing. Naturapura also uses 100 per cent organic cotton in its beautiful range of baby wear that is free from dyes and pigments, and dermatologically tested to ensure that no irritation is caused to baby’s skin.  New to Childrensalon for AW'19 is designer My Little Pie who create collection of soft organic cotton every day basics for baby with adorable prints. 

Organic Wool for Baby

"In addition to being 100 per cent natural and biodegradable, this wonderful resource is also fully renewable ..."

Organic Wool for Baby

When it comes to organic produce, animal welfare is a top priority. Wool is one of the most widely used and popular yarns in the fashion industry, favoured for its super-soft feel and thermal qualities. In addition to being 100 per cent natural and biodegradable, this wonderful resource is also fully renewable.

Scandinavian designer Joha, one of our favourite baby wear brands, creates beautiful clothing and accessories made from the finest organic Merino wool. The label ensures that all its animals are treated well; reared, fed, sheltered and sheared with careful consideration for their wellbeing. Environmentally responsible production methods are also used to produce their luxurious woollen pieces. They are one of the first Danish companies awarded with the EU Ecolabel, which simply states that the products are both environmentally friendly and good quality. Similar to organic cotton, there’s a restricted use of chemicals when it comes to processing organic wool, so you can rest assured that only the most natural material is coming into contact with your baby’s precious skin.

Organic Skincare for Baby

Going organic has never been more important than when it comes to your littlest ones’ delicate skin. Many beauty and skincare products on the market contain synthetic fragrances and chemical ingredients, which can cause irritation and dryness to baby’s absorbent skin, so it’s no wonder that parents are turning to organic formulas for peace of mind. Kind to skin and the planet, nature’s pantry offers a bounty of organic ingredients that go into our Childrensalon-approved skincare ranges:

- Soothing aloe is bursting with antioxidizing vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in gently relieving dry and itchy skin. This natural extract is made up of 96 per cent water, so its non-greasy and hydrating formula is perfect for babies. Many of our Fifi & Friends baby care products are infused with this miracle ingredient.

- Seed oils including sunflower and sweet almond are loved for their vitamin-rich properties and are packed with nourishing emollients, which are highly moisturising. In its pure form, the oil can be massaged gently into baby’s skin and scalp, leaving the surface soft, hydrated and never sticky. Our Little Herbs Baby Oil is perfect for soothing baby whilst nurturing the parent-baby bonding experience. Almond oil is also great for mums, helping to combat stretch marks during pregnancy.

- Beeswax is one of nature’s most wonderful ingredients. Not only providing a barrier for chafing and irritation, beeswax is hypoallergenic and emits a pleasant honey aroma.

Approved for newborns and even the most sensitive skin, many of the formulas are dermatologically tested to help soothe a range of common baby skin conditions, including nappy rash, eczema and mild sunburn. Neutral pH levels in our shampoos also ensure tear-free bath times, detangling delicate locks without ever drying out the scalp. It is however recommended by medical professionals that you avoid the use of skin cleansing and moisturising products for newborns for their first few weeks. 
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