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High Five | Inspirational Quotes

It's never been so cool to wear your heart on your sleeve (or front of your T-shirt). Whether you have a little eco warrior or a budding little feminist, inpirational quotes are the best way for them to let the world know how they feel. 

Now more than ever is the time to show your love for the planet and everything around you with some positive quotes - there has never been a better time for children to channel Greta Thunberg and lead their own friendly protests from the comfort of their own wardrobes. 

9 Mar 2020


Billybandit - Boys Orange Cotton T-Shirt | ChildrensalonBillybandit
23,00 £
Molo - Boys Grey Cotton T-Shirt | ChildrensalonMolo
40,00 £

- OUR TOP 5 -

1. "It's such a perfect day......" Everyone knows the song - let kids show their appreciation of the world around them with this cool black sweatshirt from Sometime Soon. Made from eco-conscious organic cotton, they have a collection filled with statements and quotes. 
3. It's so positive to be confident and have a sense of worth. Shout about it from the rooftops in this fun, bright orange T-shirt for boys by Billybandit. 
4. Beauty is skin deep and this fruity creation from Molo reminds us to look on the inside for what counts. 
5. 'Be Kind' is a popular buzz word for 2020. Remind people the importance of being kind by proudly displaying it on a T-shirt. 

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