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Outfit Inspiration | Athleisure Looks for Little Sports Stars

Every year, the sporting world comes alive with the sound of players and supporters of all ages. Little leaguers practising goals in the garden, tennis fans soaking up the atmosphere at Centre Court, track stars limbering up for the 100-metre dash; everyone unites to celebrate a whole host of events, and there’s no better time for children to discover their inner sports star.

To kick off this year’s fun, we’ve pulled together cool and comfortable outfits for every sporting personality. So, whether they’re cheering from the sidelines or captain of the team, our Sports Stars collection has the perfect athleisure outfits to keep your mini MVPs moving.

Image by Mini Rodini

27 May 2024
Ralph Lauren - White Towelling Wimbledon Sun Hat | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
75,00 £
Ralph Lauren - Teen Boys Blue Wimbledon Polo Shirt | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
89,00 £
Ralph Lauren - Baby Boys Green Wimbledon Shorts Set | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
115,00 £
Ralph Lauren - Girls Blue Wimbledon Polo Dress | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
109,00 £

Be Inspired By . . .

Wimbledon 1 July to 14 July

Time for Tennis

Do they know their ace from their drop shot? Whether you’re spectating from the grandstand or the comfort of your sofa, tennis is a sport that guarantees to have everyone on the edge of their seat. For your centre-court stars, Ralph Lauren’s Wimbledon collection is packed with easy-to-wear outfits that are both preppy and practical. And for little champs supporting from the crowd, our collection of lightweight layers will have them dressed and feeling their best, no matter the forecast. Mini Rodini’s new spin on sportswear is sure to go down a treat with shorts, tees and accessories in fun motifs. Strawberries and cream, anyone?

Mini Rodini - Boys Ivory Lyocell Tennis Print Shirt | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
65,00 £
Ralph Lauren - Girls White Cotton Tennis Dress | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
125,00 £
Ralph Lauren - Girls Pink Cotton Tennis Rugby Shirt | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
109,00 £
Gucci - Синие теннисные кроссовки 1977 для малышей | ChildrensalonGucci
250,00 £
Moncler Enfant - Синее платье поло из хлопка пике для девочек-подростков | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
270,00 £
Mini Rodini - Ivory Lyocell Tennis Print Shorts | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
55,00 £
Ralph Lauren - Blue Canvas Sports Bag (49cm) | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
105,00 £
Mini Rodini - Ivory Organic Cotton Embroidered FILA Cap | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
32,00 £

Be Inspired By . . .

UEFA EURO 2024 14 June to 14 July

Kick Off the Football Fun

Football is a game that everyone can get involved in. It’s great for team building, fitness, and all they need is a ball and a makeshift goal to enjoy a kickabout with their friends. For the kit, our fantastic football collections have a look for every position on the playing field. Running around for 90 minutes, especially on a warm day, calls for breathable cotton tees, quick-dry fabrics and shorts with soft seams designed for movement, just like this BOSS kit. And when the game’s won, a comfy Moncler Enfant tracksuit will keep their body temperature just right for the walk home. They shoot, they score!

Falke - Синие носки с футбольными мячами для мальчиков | ChildrensalonFalke
10,00 £
Jellycat - Черно-белая мягкая игрушка Футбольный мяч (36см) | ChildrensalonJellycat
45,00 £
BOSS - Teen Boys Blue Football Shorts | ChildrensalonBOSS
85,00 £
BOSS - Teen Boys Black Football T-Shirt | ChildrensalonBOSS
75,00 £
BOSS - Teen Boys Black Football Shorts | ChildrensalonBOSS
95,00 £
Moncler Enfant - Boys Navy Blue Cotton Jersey Tracksuit | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
370,00 £
Burberry - Черный шерстяной шарф (127см) | ChildrensalonBurberry
200,00 £

Be Inspired By . . .

USA Basketball Showcase, London 20 July to 22 July

Shoot Some Hoops

If their sporting style is less about goal scoring and more about slam dunks, we’ve got them covered. Basketball is a high-energy game of speed, agility and aim, and if they’re playing centre position, it helps to be a little on the taller side too. Choosing outfits that are loose and comfortable is key, like a pair of roomy jersey shorts and a sleeveless Burberry tee. And, of course, a pair of high-top trainers with some statement socks goes without saying. After all, all mini MVPs know that the best offence is a good defence . . . or in our case, a good outfit!

Gucci - Высокие белые баскетбольные кроссовки | ChildrensalonGucci
480,00 £
Mini Rodini - Ivory Organic Cotton Basketball Shorts | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
35,00 £
Moncler Enfant - Teen Boys Ivory Cotton Basketball T-Shirt | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
140,00 £
iDO Junior - Boys White Cotton Hooded T-Shirt | ChildrensaloniDO Junior
30,00 £
Mini Rodini - Boys Green Mesh Jersey Basketball Shorts | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
36,00 £
Fendi - Коричневая сумка на уикэнд с принтом FF (48см) | ChildrensalonFendi
1 290,00 £
Burberry - Бело-красная сетчатая майка | ChildrensalonBurberry
170,00 £
Nike - Boys Green Cotton Just Do It T-Shirt | ChildrensalonNike
20,00 £

Be Inspired By . . .

The Paris Olympics 26 July to 11 August 

The Paralympics 28 August to 8 September

Join the (Mini) Olympics

If there’s one event in the sporting calendar that has something for just about everyone, it’s the Olympics. From table tennis and taekwondo to gymnastics and the iconic 100-metre sprint, this spectacle is packed with 32 different sports and more than 320 events across the summer programme. This year, why not create your own mini Olympics in the garden to keep the kids entertained away from their screens? All you need is a little imagination, plenty of team spirit and don’t forget a prize for taking part. For their kit, our matching outfit sets are ready made, leaving more time for getting in some last-minute training, and grass stains are no problem as every item is machine washable. On your marks, get set, go!

Mayoral - Girls Green Sports Top | ChildrensalonMayoral

17,00 £

10,00 £

Nike - Розовая худи для девочек | ChildrensalonNike
30,00 £
Lelli Kelly - Girls White Mesh Light-Up Star Trainers | ChildrensalonLelli Kelly
50,00 £
Molo - Черный купальник для девочек (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonMolo
39,00 £
Joyday - Boys Blue Cotton Zigzag Tracksuit | ChildrensalonJoyday
75,00 £
Mayoral - Boys Blue Velcro Trainers | ChildrensalonMayoral

50,00 £

35,00 £

2024’s Best of the Rest . . .

Tour de France 29 June to 21 July 

The Open 18 July to 21 July 

British Grand Prix 7 July

The Sports Stars

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