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#SafeAtHome | Creating a Time Capsule with @into.trends

To mark the launch of the Childrensalon Time capsule, we asked Ellie - with help from her lifestyle blogger mum, Jelena @into.trends - to create her own personal Time Capsule. On completing the journal, Jenlena placed it in a box alongside a number of other things of interest, to refer back to this historic lockdown in years to come. 

To make your own Time Capsule, simply print it off and fill it out, then carefully place it somewhere safe!


Download our printable Time Capsule HERE


    7 May 2020

    What did you include in your time capsule box?

    We included lots of bits and pieces, trinkets and treasures within our time capsule, from letters and notes from the school, and her school friends, a few small toys that have been special to Ellie during lockdown, photographs and pictures of memories we’ve made during lockdown, such as photos of baking together, arts and crafts Ellie has made etc; newspaper clippings of lockdown updates, Childrensalon printables games (left out Snakes & Ladders as that’s our favourite to play, over and over), Ellie’s favourite fruit crumble recipe we made together, newly minted 2020 coins that we’ve stumbled across, flowers we picked and pressed from our little walks, and lovely feathers and leaves; pictures of our close family, with little notes of everyone’s names, pictures of Ellie’s grandparents cat, whom she loves dearly. Ellie’s painted handprint, so she can see how much she’s grown in the future, USB with some recorded songs by Ellie, lists of Ellie’s favourite things, and her much loved Peppa Pig magazine.

    Where are you going to store it to keep it safe?

    We don’t currently have an attic space in our current home, so we’ll likely keep the box in our hallway storage room, which is the perfect place to hide the capsule for discovery in the future.

    What has been the most fun part of the journal?

    Ellie has loved completing her time capsule journal, and in particular planning the places we want to visit with our family after lockdown, and also doing the interview with a family member – Perhaps Ellie is a budding journalist after all. It’s allowed us time to sit down, and reflect on the time we’ve spent together, and the plans we have after.

    Who would you most like to find your time capsule in years to come?

    I’d love Ellie to find the capsule again in 10 or 20 years. And if it hasn’t been “found” then presenting it to Ellie on her 18th birthday would be a really magical and precious family moment of looking through all the memories we made together.

    What would you say has been your favourite memory to date?

    We’ve really enjoyed creating this time capsule together, as it’s allowed us to spend quality time, and coming up with cute ideas of what we can put inside, why we’ve chosen the items, and what it will eventually remind us from the days we’ve spent in lockdown.

    What are you most looking forward to when the lockdown is over?

    Ultimately we’re all looking forward to spending time with our extended family. I know Ellie has been missing her grandparents lots as we usually spend a lot of time with them, and for her birthday every summer we always spend it together on the beach, with masses of balloons and a little picnic. Ellie is also very excited to go back to school to see her friends. As a family, we’re all looking forward to taking day trips, to the farm, to the zoo, and travelling again, and getting to explore other cultures and countries.


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    All images by @into.trends

    We've created a time capsule which you can use like a journal to document daily events, feelings and activities, so you can look back at and remember what it was like living through the COVID-19 global pandemic and life during the lockdown.

    7 May 2020

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