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#SafeAtHome | The Childrensalon Time Capsule

A time capsule is a historical collection of information that gives an account for future generations to help them understand what it was like during a particular event or time in history.

We've created a time capsule which you can use like a journal to document daily events, feelings and activities, so you can look back at and remember what it was like living through the COVID-19 global pandemic and life during the lockdown. 

7 May 2020


Once you have completed your journal, find a small box or vessel that is big enough to store the pages (A4 size)  plus some other things you think might be of interest to you or anyone who may come across this in years to come - newspaper cuttings, till receipts, any letters you may have received during this time (such as a government letter urging you to stay at home), pictures of your pets etc. 

Store in the attic or a cupboard in your family home or to make things extra exciting, bury it somewhere in the garden, perhaps leaving secret clues for someone to find it! 


Share with us on instagram your Time Capsule images @childrensalon #safeathome

Pages 1-4

Download your Time Capsule printable page by page by clicking each individual page below. 

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