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#SafeAtHome | Staying Active: Work out with @lucymarnerfitness



Lucy Marner is a fully qualified Personal Trainer specialising in pre and postnatal fitness. Currently entering her third trimester of pregnancy and actively working out at home, we asked Lucy to give us some ideas for activities to do with your children whilst staying safe at home. In addition, Lucy shared three videos of simple workouts you can easily undertake in your home and garden as a family.

All images and videos by @lucymarnerfitness

Lucy says ...

"We’re living through very strange times at the moment, and being cooped up in the house everyday can lead to fatigue and feeling low. It’s great to try and do something active, outdoors in the fresh air, everyday with the children, as it helps to keep everyone active and healthy, and also promotes happier mental health"


Head over to Lucy’s Instagram page for more pre & postnatal safe workouts, that children can join in with.

20 Apr 2020


A few fun play ideas for staying active inside your home if you can’t get outside are:

• Hiding objects around the house for a treasure hunt, with the prize being a small toy or some sweets as a reward. This will get them up off of the sofa and running around the house

• Put on some music and have a dance party in your living room, with rewards for the silliest and coolest dance move

• If you have stairs, challenge the children to see how many times they can run up and down them - you can join in and see if you can beat their score!

• Grab some skipping ropes or do some jumping jacks together inside


Simply click on each arrow below to follow the activites step by step 

1. Squats with ball throw

2. Push up on knees with hand touches

3. Squat ball pass, into sit up

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