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Cosy Up To Winter

Baby it’s cold outside! Yes, it’s definitely time to wrap up warm in cosy coats, jumpers and those all-important base layers. We’ve got everything you need to keep kids protected from the elements this winter, whether they’re snuggling up at home or venturing out on an icy adventure. 

As everyone knows, it’s these accessories that can make the difference between a great walk and a walk cut short! We’ve also rounded up our favourite winter nightwear for children of all ages, as there’s nothing quite like slipping into a pair of toasty PJs at the end of a chilly day…

2 Jan 2023

Snug As A Bug

Moncler Enfant - Зеленый пуховик для подростков | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
520,00 £
Töastie - Красная утепленная парка с капюшоном | ChildrensalonTöastie
145,00 £
Gucci - Зеленый пуховик для малышей | ChildrensalonGucci
1 150,00 £
Jacadi Paris - Синий шерстяной дафлкот | ChildrensalonJacadi Paris
154,00 £

Cosy Coats

Our range of coats, has every age and style covered and you’ll find everything from classic wool duffle coats, to sumptuous, quilted jackets to keep the chill at bay. If you're intending on hitting the slopes any time soon, we're championing Moncler Enfants' down padded collection and Gucci's green puffer jacket leaves us more than a little starry-eyed. 

Image by Il Gufo 

Canada Goose - Синий пуховик для девочек | ChildrensalonCanada Goose
525,00 £
Guess - Зеленая куртка с рисунком Бэнкси | ChildrensalonGuess
125,00 £
Fendi - Коричневая куртка с цветовыми блоками и принтом FF | ChildrensalonFendi
980,00 £
Polo Ralph Lauren - Кремовая стеганая куртка | ChildrensalonPolo Ralph Lauren
159,00 £

Slumber Party

Hatley - Красно-бежевая хлопковая пижама | ChildrensalonHatley
32,00 £
Molo - Зеленая хлопковая пижама со смайлом | ChildrensalonMolo
49,00 £
Beau KiD - Зеленая бархатная пижама для девочек | ChildrensalonBeau KiD
55,00 £

Perfect PJ's

It’s time to nestle down in the softest, warmest pyjamas ever. Here are our favourite nighttime ensembles that will have everyone rushing to get ready for bed! Who could resist these smiley face Pjs by Molo or these ones from Hatley that come with a book for bedtime adventures?


Image by Hatley


Jolly Jumpers

Tommy Hilfiger - Синий шерстяной свитер Miffy | ChildrensalonTommy Hilfiger
110,00 £
Gucci - Бежевый шерстяной свитер с пайетками | ChildrensalonGucci
865,00 £
MC2 Saint Barth - Кремовый свитер с узором Фэр-Айл | ChildrensalonMC2 Saint Barth

163,00 £

97,80 £

Ralph Lauren - Синий вязаный свитер с медвежонком | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren
145,00 £

Woolly Knits

A cosy knit is non-negotiable at this time of year. Keep little-ones snug-as-a-bug with our gorgeous selection of stylish jumpers and cardigans or how about an on-trend tank top for keeping tiny tummies warm? 

Image by Tommy Hilfiger 

Beatrice & George - Синий шерстяной свитер для мальчиков | ChildrensalonBeatrice & George
49,00 £
Polo Ralph Lauren - Синий вязаный свитер для подростков | ChildrensalonPolo Ralph Lauren
135,00 £
Gucci - Красный шерстяной свитер для мальчиков | ChildrensalonGucci
435,00 £
Guess - Синий свитер из органического хлопка | ChildrensalonGuess
35,00 £

It's All About The Base

Molo - Серая шерстяная балаклава со звездами | ChildrensalonMolo
40,00 £
Joha - Серый свитер из мериносовой шерсти | ChildrensalonJoha
32,00 £
Deux Par Deux - Черный термокомплект | ChildrensalonDeux Par Deux
56,00 £
Falke - Красные носки для активного туризма | ChildrensalonFalke
13,00 £

Base Layers & Toasty Thermals

Building in warmth from the base up is always a good idea, especially if your children love spending lots of time in the great outdoors. Long-johns, thermal vests and even balaclavas will help children stay warm without overheating. 


Image by Joha

Joha - Бежевый термо ромпер из шерсти | ChildrensalonJoha
61,00 £
En Fant - Синие резиновые термосапоги | ChildrensalonEn Fant
41,00 £
Joha - Красные термоноски из шерсти | ChildrensalonJoha
11,00 £
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