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Moncler | Technical Features

If you’re on the lookout for luxury outerwear to see your family through the winter months, look no further than Moncler. Since 1952, Moncler has produced high quality, contemporary outerwear, constructed with a consideration of technical performance features. 

The brand delivers casual basics in the form of tracksuits, dresses, and polo shirts, as well as durable, high-performance outerwear to protect the wearer from the elements when in extreme cold-weather conditions, or when out on the slopes. With the wintery weather on its way, we’ve identified some of Moncler’s key performance features to help you make an informed decision on keeping your little ones warm and toasty.

5 Oct 2020

Main collection

Comfort and performance are key factors when buying outerwear for children, and Moncler is devoted to innovation and research with new designs and materials included each season to improve comfort, practicality, and wearability. The entire Moncler line is buildable, meaning it is easy to mix and match sets to suit your specific needs, with many items also available in adults sizes!

Key Features

- Down-filled for excellent thermal insulation
- Water repellant to keep your little one warm and dry
- Vivid colours

Grenoble collection

Since 2010 Moncler has produced a collection of technical snow-wear called Grenoble, and this even includes a childrenswear line. Grenoble takes its name from the Alpine city situated near the brand’s namesake town of Monestier-de-Clermont. 

The collection is divided into three sections, all specifically designed for cold weather conditions. It includes items specially designed for high-altitude leisure use (named Après Ski), pieces designed for light sports (named Performance & Style), and items that have been designed for intensive sport (named High Performance). We’ve picked out some of our top pieces from the collection and highlighted the key technical features of the latter two sections to make it easier for you to choose what you need. This collection of technical snow-wear can be easily identified by its unique label, which is a simplified version of the Moncler logo, with the high-performance products identifiable by their black silicone label.

Performance and Style - designed for light sport:

These pieces are identifiable by their simplified logo embroidered in three-colours, which takes the central logo from the Moncler badge and is used alone, without the brand name.

Key features:

Waterproof 2-layer stretch nylon with a technical membrane that guarantees elevated water repellency and breathability.
Down-filled for excellent thermal insulation. 
- Designed with versatility in mind, to be worn both in the city and on the slopes!

High-performance - designed for intensive sport:

These pieces are identifiable by their simplified logo stamped in black silicone, which takes the central logo from the Moncler badge and is used alone, without the brand name.

Key features:

A water column of 10,000, meaning it is highly water-resistant.
2- layer GORE-TEX 2 with a GORE-TEX membrane that offers sophisticated, ultra-breathable protection from light rain and snow. 
Heat-sealed seaming is used instead of stitched seams, which increases comfort, durability, and the level of water resistance. 
An emergency localiser using the RECCO system that helps with recovery in the case of an avalanche, for peace of mind.

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