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Into the Woods

Falling leaves and shorter days can only mean one thing: autumn has arrived. For many people, this means making the most of the last mild days of the year, cosying up and going on walks in dappled woods before the final autumn leaves fall from the trees. 

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise - temperature-wise, that is. With seasons changing, some days can go from beautifully mild to bright and crisp. Whether it's a cosy jumper to throw on or a woollen cape to wrap up in, warm layers are your best friend in these autumnal months.

19 Oct 2021

The turning seasons

Your little ones might be happily playing in the fading sunshine when it disappears behind the clouds, and all of a sudden, it gets noticeably colder. Keeping layers to hand will resolve any complaints of being chilly, and who doesn't like wrapping up warm, enjoying the colours of autumn and spending some time in the great outdoors? 

Cosy outerwear

The first thing you will need is a fluffy, cosy, comfy fleece, and this teddy coat by Il Gufo will do just the trick.

With a luxuriously thick, fuzzy outer and a soft and silky lining, this snug coat will keep them warm through to winter!

Waterproof layers

Unpredictable weather can mean you get caught in the odd rain shower, but that doesn't mean you'll be stuck inside. A quality raincoat, like this sweet Hatley hooded raincoat, will keep them warm and dry outdoors while they splash around in the puddles - make sure you have some rain boots to hand too!


Töastie - Голубой непромокаемый полукомбинезон | ChildrensalonTöastie
59,00 £

Puffer Coats & Jackets

Sometimes, only a puffer jacket will do. There is nothing cosier than a soft, thick, padded puffer jacket or coat when it's cold outside.

This puffer jacket from Töastie is brilliant as it fits neatly into a small pocket, making it ideal as a packable layer.

Knitted layers

Chloé's beautiful woollen layers hold the answer to autumnal temperatures; cosy knitted joggers will keep them warm, and if the temperature drops further, this chic knitted cape is just as good as a blanket, keeping them wrapped up and snug.

Woolly hats

Finally, keep the chill away with a warm woolly hat. This Laranjinha beige knitted hat has convenient flaps to keep cold ears at bay.

If your little one has a habit of losing hats, this Laranjinha one is complete with ties that fasten under the chin.


Our Into The Woods Collection

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