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Childrensalon Family Diaries | Zhong Chen

Life in lockdown has changed the daily routine for most of us, including the majority of the team at Childrensalon. Our staff of nearly 500 is made up of talented, ambitious, and hardworking people from all over the globe, many of whom have children themselves. We wanted to go behind-the-scenes and give you a view of family life from some of our very own team-members at Childrensalon.

From homeschooling to ways to stay entertained, each family does it their own way. We are inviting you for a glimpse inside the family homes of our team to see how they are spending this time together.

22 Sep 2020

- Meet the Chen Family -

Zhong has been a part of the Childrensalon Family for the last five years, working as an IT Service Desk Analyst. Originally from China, Zhong is now based in Maidstone, UK, with his family.

He has two children, Levi, who is five, and Victoria, who is three. Levi loves reading and playing games, and Victoria is a budding artist, and also enjoys playing with her building blocks.

What was the most positive thing about being at home more for you as a family?

I was working in the office full time during the lockdown but with our social lives restricted I found that when I was at home, we were spending much more time together as a family which my children enjoyed.

Your children are still very young, but did they find it hard to adapt to the change in lifestyle for those few months during the lockdown?

The only thing they really wanted to do was visit the playground or go to the indoor play centre, which they couldn’t do, but we tried to make life at home as entertaining as possible instead.

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Does your son understand what Coronavirus is and why he wasn’t able to go to school and see his friends?

My son is just old enough to understand that Covid-19 is a virus that can make people quite ill. He understands that we have to wash our hands more often and wear masks when out and about. I tried to explain it to him in simple terms: I said that we need to cover our faces when we cough or sneeze to keep others safe, and how important it is that we wash our hands before and after touching surfaces.

Your daughter started pre-school this month. Were there any added concerns on top of the general anxieties parents face on their child staring pre-school?

Victoria’s pre-school has been great when it comes to following the government guidelines about distancing and handwashing. It can be challenging to encourage young children to distance, but they’ve been doing a good job.

What to wear

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