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Childrensalon Family Diaries | Tomasz Cichecki

Life in lockdown has changed the daily routine for most of us, including the majority of the team at Childrensalon. Our staff of nearly 500 is made up of talented, ambitious, and hardworking people from all over the globe, many of whom have children themselves. We wanted to go behind-the-scenes and give you a view of family life from some of our very own team-members at Childrensalon.

From homeschooling to ways to stay entertained, each family does it their own way. We are inviting you for a glimpse inside the family homes of our team to see how they are spending this time together.

15 Jul 2020

- Meet the Cichecki Family -

Thomasz is our in-house Photographer and has been working at Childrensalon for five years. Usually, he is based in the UK, however, just before lockdown, Tomasz returned to his home country of Poland to be with his family.

He has two children, Magdalena who is twelve years old, and Zuzia who is four. Magda loves listening to music, reading, and playing tennis, while Zuzia’s favourite activity is playing with her dolls, riding her scooter, and dancing.

Usually, you work from the Childrensalon office in the UK, but you’ve been spending lockdown in Poland with your family. How have you found working from home?

When the schools and kindergartens closed, working from home became more complicated as I had to look after Zuzia and watch over Magda's remote learning. It was only when my wife returned from work that I could get started with mine! Fortunately, I have a very supportive team at Childrensalon and we are in frequent contact, which has been extremely helpful.

Are there any family traditions that you’ve had to adapt to stay safe at home?

Before the pandemic, we loved visiting museums and galleries and meeting up with friends and family. During the lockdown we swapped those activities for sightseeing trips, visiting less populated areas, and walking in the mountains and forests. We have been going to a nearby lake with a picnic of homemade sandwiches to avoid going to restaurants and cafes. It’s meant that we’ve spent a lot more time together as a family, and have learned so much more about each other.

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What activities have you been doing to learn and play, whilst staying safe at home? Tell us what your children like about each activity?

We have been playing a lot of board games and watching movies together. Zuzia loves watching cartoons and doing puzzles, whereas Magda prefers to play Monopoly and Scrabble. We have enjoyed going on our sightseeing trips, and we are looking forward to more of those adventures together.

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