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Childrensalon Family Diaries | Nawfel Toumi

Our staff of nearly 500 is made up of talented, ambitious, and hardworking people from all over the globe, many of whom have children themselves. We wanted to go behind-the-scenes and give you a view of family life from some of our very own team-members at Childrensalon.

From independent learning to ways to stay entertained, each family does it their own way. We are inviting you for a glimpse inside the family homes of our team to see how they spend their time together. This week we are talking to Nawfel, our Logistics Manager, who has been a part of the team for nine years.

12 Nov 2020

- Meet the Toumi Family -

Nawfel is the Logistics Manager here at Childrensalon, overseeing the process by which we send out all of your perfectly wrapped packages. Originally from Tunisia, Nawfel now lives in Brenchley, a small village near Childrensalon HQ, with his wife and children. He and his wife have two daughters, Reema, who is eight years old, and Amira, who is four years old. Amira loves cooking, and everything to do with princesses, and Reema loves sea animals and drawing.

Changes to the restrictions mean we are all spending more time at home, how are you keeping Reema and Amira entertained and occupied when they are home?

We usually break the day into sections, relaxing in the morning watching cartoons and eating breakfast, then they will get dressed and play together. At lunchtime, we invite them to cook with us as they love to get involved in the kitchen, before going for a walk or bike ride. In the late afternoon, we often bake cookies or watch documentaries (they love anything about the planet, solar system, nature - anything with David Attenborough!). Then we finish the day with dinner and a film!

How has Reema found being back at school? What are some of her favourite subjects and why? What about Amira and nursery?

Reema loves going to school and seeing her friends. Her favourite subjects are art and drama, and she has always excelled at reading. She also loves writing stories. She gets excited when she learns anything new!

Amira really enjoys going to nursery. Whenever we ask her about her day, she replies, "Good - I played all day." She is growing up to be a very kind person, always wanting to help, and she gets upset when she sees someone being mean.

Many of us have celebrated birthdays and religious holidays in new and innovative ways this year, to stay safe. How have you handled adapting family events this year? Are there any upcoming events that you are planning to adapt to work within the restrictions?

Fortunately, the girls understand the current situation - Amira will take the temperature of any visitor before allowing them into the house! 

For Eid, we decorated the house, all dressed up and had video calls with family. We celebrated Amira's birthday, but she just chose one friend, which was hard, but still a lot of fun. The same with Halloween - we celebrated with one friend and the rest was over Zoom. Reema's birthday is coming up in January, so we are hoping things will be better enough to celebrate.

What to wear

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With the temperature dropping, it is not as easy to find COVID-safe activities to do outdoors. What are some safe outdoor activities that your daughters love doing?

We have made some healthy/homemade versions of our favourite takeaways. So far we've made McDonald's, KFC, and pizza including serving them in pizza boxes! We've also started to exercise as a family and do yoga together.

We started writing a book with Reema and learning the piano. She is very creative and has an excellent imagination, and often makes things out of nothing. Amira loves when we put music on and dance! She loves building blocks, always determined to make buildings and towers, and she's started to enjoy painting too. But most of all, she loves princesses and dressing herself up in princess clothes! The only thing they really miss is swimming, and visiting different places.

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