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#SafeAtHome | Create the Seaside at home with @shellandthelittlies

Shell says...

Living down here in beautiful Cornwall, one thing we’re missing aside from our family and friends of course is our beach days. The weather has been so lovely, so as we’d usually have been spending our days at our favourite little Cornish cove, I thought why not do all the fun beach activities but at home in our garden!


We’re excited to share with you all some fun ways to have a garden beach day...as you’ll see it’s a whole lot of fun and doesn’t cost much at all...plus you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own garden! 

11 May 2020

Dress the part

Obviously the first thing you’ll need to do is get your beach wear on! This means your sun dresses, shortsand tees, sandals - and don’t forget yoursunnies, hats and SPF of course!

Feel the sand between your toes

Next is sand...every beach has it so if you have a sandpit great if not even emptying a bag of sand over your patio to create a mini beach will bring the kids hours of enjoyment! Make sandcastles, add in some bath toys, anything goes even sieves from your kitchen would work. If you have them add a few shells too to make it extra realistic....thankfully we have plenty of shells at home from collecting them over the years!

It's all fun and games

Next has to be some fun beach games! As we’re usually on the beach from April to September, (October if we’re lucky) before wrapping up for winter beach walks we have accumulated a few beach games! You should see my beach bag it’s full of things to keep the kids entertained all day but, if you’ve not got any beach games you can order a couple or even use toys/books you have at home. We had a few games of ping pong, played travel connect 4, then spent the afternoon having a great time with this Crab Ring Toss game. The kids then turned the rings into frisbees and had us in stitches wearing the crab on their heads!

You scream, I scream - we all scream for ice cream!

Ice cream...we all know it’s a must have when you go to the beach. We made ice cream sundaes on the sand using sprinkles, mini meringues and dried raspberries as toppings! Of course there’s always one who will inevitably drop their ice cream too! If you follow us @shellandthelittlies check out the full Garden Beach Day in our story highlights to see the incident!

Create the ideal beach destination

Inflatables! If you have some get them all blown up! Add some blow up palm trees and pop out your deck chairs to transform your garden into a seaside destination!

Wet and Wild!

It’s essential to pack your swimwear to splash in the paddling pool, you could even get the sprinkler out!

Fish & Chips!

No trip to the seaside would be complete without ending it munching on fish & chips with a lemon wedge in newspaper cones! We made our own mini fish and chips in cute paper cones to feel just like we're at the beach. 

We had the best Garden beach day and will definitely be doing it all again soon, until we can get back on the real thing!



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