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AW19 Essentials @thesematters

As the seasons change, so does the need for a new wardrobe. Like spring, autumn is a season of transition which means layering is key. Creating a capsule wardrobe of essential pieces to create different outfits is a great way to see you through autumn and into spring, especially as children outgrow their clothing so quickly.
By carefully choosing the right items, you can mix and match them for any eventuality. We asked lifestyle blogger and mum of Aveline, Madina Mentink of @thesematters to talk us through her essential pieces for the season. 

All images by @thesematters
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18 Oct 2019


" As the colder months are inevitably approaching, it's time to put together a transitional wardrobe for autumn, which is all about layering. For Aveline’s outfits of the season, I selected basics that are easy to mix and match with one another. Aveline is now four, and I let her pick her clothes for the day herself - I only gently guide her in the process of combining styles and colours which is why I like to have several different styles in her wardrobe so that she can put together her outfit according to her mood and activities. At the same time, I would like to teach her to choose clothes wisely, in a way that is more sustainable, minimalist and practical, yet it should not be at the cost of her own style.

1. Navy Blue Coat

Both the colour and the classic cut of this jacket make it the perfect first choice autumn outerwear for the kids. A slightly classier look is what Aveline loves in clothes, and the navy blue jacket is exactly that. I love that it can be worn dressed up with fancy dress for a party or with a sweater and a pair of jeans for every day.

2. Brown Boots

Brown boots are an item I have in my own wardrobe because they're the best footwear for the colder season and go well with everything from jeans to a dress. I choose them for the girls too, so they can basically wear their boots from October until April with any kind of outfit. When looking for children's shoes, I look for quality, comfort and ease to combine with different outfits like these versatile and warm pair of brown UGG boots.

3. Brown belt

Aveline loves having something special in her outfit, and I totally understand her in that! Accessories make the look complete, and for the child they add some fun to the - often seemingly boring - process of dressing up. This brown belt with a little hanger will be a final touch to many of Aveline’s outfits for the coming season. It goes well with trousers, dresses or over a knitted cardigan and the brown colour is also one of my first choices when creating a basic wardrobe.

4. Breton T-shirt

A breton t is one of our must have capsule basics. I like navy stripes for the classic look that it adds to the outfit, which means I can put together an easy, yet smart outfit by simply styling this top with a pair of everyday jeans. A breton t can be paired with velvet trousers, a navy blue skirt, a classic pair of jeans, shorts in an autumnal colour palette with coordinated tights. Although the piece is striped, it’s classic, which in itself makes it a versatile staple. That’s why we have such an item in the wardrobe of the whole family all year long.

5. Beige checked dress

A neutral coloured dress like this is all I look for when choosing a more elegant look for Aveline. The peculiar cut, natural materials and embroidery give the dress a romantic flair, and I find that the color choice for this model adds to its chicness. I also appreciate that the comfortable fit does not restrain movements. A piece like this is must for Aveline's capsule wardrobe because this dress is a great a center piece for various outfits. It can be easily paired both with a navy blue coat and brown boots for a walk in a park and with a leather jacket and ballerinas for a birthday party.

6. Blue denim Jeggings

Every child needs a pair of jeans and as Aveline is an active girl, I find it important for her to have freedom of movement in everyday life. When I go for trousers, I only choose those that will let her play and run comfortably. In this sense, denim jeggings are a great solution that combines the classic look of jeans, which should be in every child’s wardrobe and the comfort of leggings. For Aveline, I style them with a Breton Tee for a casual look and with a blouse for a more classy look." 

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