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A better future for children
today and tomorrow.

Childrensalon has been dressing children beautifully since 1952. For us, this has always meant bringing joy to our customers, offering quality products and truly understanding the needs of children and their families. Today, our vision of how we dress children beautifully has evolved to consider also how we’re helping build a fairer, greener and brighter future for their tomorrows.
Our Promise

We promise to help build a better future for children today and tomorrow.

A Cleaner Planet.

Protecting the planet to ensure a healthier and more prosperous future for all.

A Fairer Industry.

Respecting human rights and championing workers to better support their families.

Brighter Communities.

Bringing more opportunity to more children and communities around the world.

We know that producing new products is never going to be fully sustainable. Nonetheless, our ambition is to be better, and we won’t stop trying to improve.

We’re at the beginning of this journey and will keep working to minimise our impact, encourage our partner brands, empower our customers, and inspire more reuse and recycling along the way.

Read Our Sustainability promise
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