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Beach Club | Travel Tips for a Family Vacation

If you’re jetting off on a family vacation, you’re probably filled with excitement and, if we’re honest, a bit of trepidation. How will you keep the children happy on the journey? How will you make sure they’re entertained at the destination? Will they sleep away from home? Here at the Childrensalon Beach Club, we’ve got you covered.

We know that holidaying with tots can often be the opposite of relaxing, so with a little help from Sharai Meyers, founder of Purple Dragonthe world’s best family members’ club, we’ve put together a few packing tips and travelling tricks to make it a vacation to remember . . . for all the right reasons. 


Images by Childrensalon

5 May 2024

Journey Essentials

Are we nearly there yet? Travel games for entertainment and blankets for naps, we have lots of ideas for the journey there and back.

Happy Travellers

No one wants to go on vacation just to recover from the journey. But thankfully there are plenty of ways to take the hassle out of family travel. “Plan in some time to prepare a bag full of everything you’ll need well in advance,” advises Sharai, “prior planning here will avoid any last-minute packing stress and will ensure you have everything your children need to hand in the car, at the airport and on the plane.” Ask your little one to help pack their own backpack filled with their favourite things, it’ll give them a focus for different points of the journey, and it’s always great to pop a couple of little surprises in there too for a strategic distraction when you need it the most.


When it comes to dressing kids for the journey, it goes without saying that comfort is the most important factor — itchy labels, tight waistbands, hems that chafe, and restrictive fabrics make for a very grumpy vacationer. We recommend layers that can be adapted for fluctuating temperatures in soft, breathable cotton: a tracksuit over a tee is always a winner for long journeys. A spare set of clothes and something to mop up any spills are always a good idea too! And for the en-route entertainment, Sharai suggests sticker books, small portable games and games that require nothing but the imagination, like I Spy. These (and snacks) will be your saviour while navigating the route to your destination.

TRAVEL IDEA: A travel journal is a handy all-in-one activity. Kids can draw in it and write about their adventures. You can even print a few colouring pages and fun facts about where you’re going to stick inside. And it makes an adorable memento!

Fun in the Sun

Games are Purple Dragon's speciality, and we’ve got lots of ideas for keeping kids entertained while you kick back.

All the Entertainment

You’ve made it to your destination! The bags are unpacked, you’ve scoped out the beach clubhouse, and now it’s time to get well and truly into vacation mode. And no sooner than you’ve settled down on a sunlounger to relax comes the dreaded, “I’m bored.” 


Whether you’re at the beach or poolside, it’s handy to have some pre-planned entertainment in preparation for this all-too-familiar statement. Games that involve creativity and clue-solving are always a hit for keeping kids entertained on vacation, and one of Sharai's favourite games involves a little forethought. "A pirate treasure hunt is a great way to keep everyone happy," she tells us. "Take a bag of pirate coins to hide or bury, and make a map with clues; older siblings can help with this too and it can also help build friendships with other children." Swimming in the sea or the pool is always a huge draw for kids, and Purple Dragon's pool supervisor, Jordan, suggests a game called Weather Whimsy Adventures to get little kids moving. An adult shouts out different types of weather that the kids then interpret in the water. We can just imagine the fun they’ll have with rain and thunder! For the outfits, don’t leave the hotel without their UPF50+ swimwear, some fun beach toys and inflatables, and a trusty sun hat.


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ACTIVITY TO TRY: Take turns being the Fun Captain. Each member of the family can choose an activity or game for everyone to do. It can be anything, from trying a new food to talking like a pirate for the day. 

For Smooth Sailing

There will be no scrambling for bite cream or their favourite comforter if you follow our list of vacation-proof essentials.

Holiday Necessities

Packing for every eventuality is almost impossible but there are a few suitcase items that are non-negotiable. Bumps and scratches are inevitable on vacation, what with all the exciting new places they’ll find to explore, and this calls for a fully-stocked first aid kit, especially if you’re going self-catering or heading off on a day trip. Sharai suggests including soothing bite cream, arnica, plasters, antiseptic wipes, a salve for grazes, some aloe vera, just in case, an antihistamine, and age-appropriate paracetamol and ibuprofen — if you are travelling somewhere more exotic, these aren’t always readily available.


Bedtime routines often go out of the window on vacation too, which can make falling (and staying) asleep tricky for children, especially toddlers who are not used to snoozing in unfamiliar places. “Take a cuddly friend to create a sense of familiarity for their bedtime routine,” suggests Sharai. “Also, pack a portable night light if your little one is anxious about sleeping in a new room.” Talking of routines, don’t rely on your accommodation to provide kid-friendly toiletries, especially those formulated for sensitive skin types. Our range of skin and hair products are filled with nothing but natural goodness, so be sure to pop them at the top of their packing list.

VACATION TIP: On arrival at your destination, do a family walk-around to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Agree on a safe meeting spot, areas that are out of bounds, and what to do in an emergency.

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