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UV Swimwear and Accessories for Kids | Keeping safe in the sun

Whether it be a sunny day spent at the beach or a trip to the local swimming pool, fun in the sun is the highlight of any child’s summer! Whilst packing your beach bag make sure you are fully prepared for those family outings with high quality, UV swimwear for kids.

Slathering on sunscreen is of course important, but adding that extra layer of protection to your child’s skin with UPF clothing is essential.

Sunburn is not only painful and uncomfortable for children, it can also cause long-term damage to their skin and potentially cause issues when they are older. In conjunction with a high factor sunscreen, sun protective clothing can allow for up to 98% protection from UV rays, providing parents with additional peace of mind.

24 Aug 2021

What does Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) mean?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. All sun protective clothing will have a UPF number to indicate how dense it is and how effective it will be at protecting the skin against ultraviolet rays. The higher the number is, the denser and tighter weave the fabric will be. 

Nothing is more important than your child's protection. That's why dermatologists almost unanimously agree that UPF clothing is the best way to protect them from harmful UV rays. 

Don't just take our word for it, Dr Stacy Chimento, an American Dermatologist from Riverchase Dermatology says that UPF clothing can be as effective, if not more so, than sun creams on certain areas of the body “because it is a physical blocker of UV rays and, unlike sunscreen, you never have to reapply.”

What to look out for whilst shopping for your children’s sun protective swimwear

- UPF Rating: Look out for UPF30 or higher but keep in mind that UPF50/50+ products will provide maximum protection. 

- Looser Fit: Experts suggest the looser the clothing, the better. Tighter fit swimwear will stretch the fabric and allow for more UV rays to seep through the material.

Colours: Be mindful of the colours you select. It is advised that bright and dark colours are the best, they will absorb UV better, meaning less UV rays reaching the skin.

Coverage: Look out for garments that will cover most of the body. Choose from long sleeves and legs and high collars. You can always match short legged swimsuits with UV trousers for added protection.

UV swimwear for kids

We have a vast selection of UV swimwear for kids to help keep them protected. All of our sun protective swimwear items listed below have a UPF 50 rating and are made with high quality fabrics.

We also have multiple sustainable pieces within our selection, lovingly crafted from recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics. This includes brands such as Molo, Midi Rodini, Frugi and Stella McCartney.

Sun safe sun suits

Sun suits are a practical option for parents that find it easier than applying sun lotion to their child (still applying to exposed areas, of course).

Some of our sunsuits for boys and girls, have short sleeves and short legs but you can also find styles with long sleeves and legs, which will cover a lot of otherwise exposed skin and can provide excellent coverage as a one-piece garment.

Mitty James - Розовый купальник с фруктами для девочек (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonMitty James
45,00 £

Sun protective sets

Our two-piece sun protective sets might be the right choice for your child if your little one doesn't enjoy being covered from head to toe. These separates can be worn on their own or together and can create a stylish addition to their summer wardrobe. All pieces are lovingly made in UPF 50.

Playshoes - Синий костюм с акулами для мальчиков (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonPlayshoes
35,00 £

UV accessories for kids

We’ve picked out some of our best UV swimming accessories that offer protection and look oh-so-sweet at the same time! Ensure your little ones are as protected as can be with a UV swimsuit, a sun hat and UV sunglasses, all found in our sun protective swimwear selection for girls and boys.

Kids UV hats

UV hats for kids are a great add-on to your child's swimwear outfit. If you want to cover as much of their skin as possible, make sure you are prepared with a hat too. Wearing a UV sun hat will protect their head and neck from the sun's harmful rays.

Playshoes - Солнцезащитная кепка (UPF 50+) | ChildrensalonPlayshoes
17,00 £
Playshoes - Синяя солнцезащитная кепка для девочек (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonPlayshoes
17,00 £

Kids UV sunglasses

Kids UV sunglasses can help prevent problems later on in life and will shield their eyes from harmful rays. We have a selection of sun protective sunglasses from brand, Banz. You can also find stylish pairs with UV40 protection, like this pair from Bari Lynn!


By investing in quality UV swimwear for your children, you can make sure that you and your family have fun in the sun this summer, whilst being fully protected and safe from harmful UV rays. We also have a guide on the best sun protective swimwear choices for babies.

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