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After spending months choosing the right pushchair, the next big job expecting parents have is to buy all the essential buggy accessories for baby. As with everything, everyone has their own preferences as to what they like and what they may need and a large part of the decision is based on the time of year baby is born. You may find if it's winter you need more accessories or alternatively, if baby is born in the summer there will be some things you won't need right away. 

Whether your priority is practical accessories that make your life easier or whether you simply want to shop for a range of accessories that match the design of your buggy, we have a selection that meets all requirements. In order to inspire your choices, we've picked our top 5 products for baby to add to your wishlist. 
8 Jan 2020

Buggy Essentials

- OUR TOP 5 -

1. Every new parent needs a baby changing bag and packing for a day out with baby can feel like a military operation. For this reason, it's essential you choose something that's roomy and has enough pocket space to keep safe small items such as spare dummies and bottles. Most baby changing bags come with a lightweight, foldable changing mat so there's no need to buy a separate one and if you choose one with an extra long, adjustable strap it's sure to fit over your buggy handle to save you carrying it on your shoulder. This cool diaper bag by Fendi has designated straps on the side that attach to the handle of the stroller. The cute pocket on the front with the designer's distinctive monster is detachable and has a hole on the side for earphones, so you can use this as a separate accessory for your mobile phone and all your other small, personal essentials. The pouch comes with a strap to carry on your wrist. 
2. We love these unique buggy mittens for mums and dads. Made by Spanish brand Pasito a Pasito, well known for creating beautiful baby accessories, they are the perfect pick for winter months as they are lined with soft, warm fleece in addition to being waterproof. To prevent them from getting lost, they are made specifically to attach to the buggy handle - simply fix them on with the velcro and slip your hands straight in. 
3. When you don't want to hang your changing bag strap loosely over the buggy handle, these handy clips by TIBA + MARL attach directly over your buggy handles and the clips connect to your changing bag. Not only do they help keep your change bag more secure, they are fully adjustable to fit most bags. 
4. A lightweight blanket for newborns is an essential if you intend to swaddle your baby. This beautiful one by Paz Rodriguez is very soft and made from a light cotton knit, so is the perfect accessory for warmer months and when used over a pramsuit to stop baby becoming too hot. As it's so lightweight, it can easily be rolled up into a baby bag without taking up too much room and is great for draping over your lap or across your front when you're out feeding baby as it's larger than a muslin cloth. 
5. A pramsuit is a must in replacement of a coat or jacket. Babies can get very hot especially when out shopping as you are in and out of shops that all have different temperatures. By choosing a pramsuit that isn't too thick, you can choose to layer warmer or cooler clothing underneath depending on the weather. With this one in particular we can't resist the cute knitted Thomas bear, iconic of Burberry


The Fendi FF Logo stroller is our best selling pushchair. In addition to being super-stylish it is robust and can be folded down and transported efficiently with its easy one hand folding mechanism. Both front and back facing depending on your preference, it has a detachable rain cover with storage bag, a four position handle height, a UV sun shade and is suitable for birth up to four years. There is no detail spared and the stroller has all the added luxuries you would expect to see from the esteemed designer such as a cup holder and a luxe faux fur buggy handle that comes in its own little box. 
Fendi's famous 'FF' logo, officially named Zucca has had a resurgence in the last couple of years and is one of the most sought after monograms in fashion. Designed by the iconic Karl Lagerfeld in the 1960s when he was Fendi's Artistic Director, it was said to have taken him only 3 seconds to create. Identified by its distinct brown jacquard fabric, the simplicity of the design is what makes it so timeless and it has once again become the mark of luxury for the fashion elite.
Kylie Jenner recently hit the headlines following her purchase of the bestselling stroller for her daughter Stormy. Whilst some news outlets reported it cost upwards of $9,000 (approx £7,000), in reality it costs a more affordable £1,950.00 (approx $2,500). Kylie liked the stroller so much that she bought the matching  FF Logo diaper bag which you can buy at Childrensalon

All images by Childrensalon

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