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Beach Club | On Vacation with the #ChildrensalonFamily

The Beach Club season is in full swing, and our #ChildrensalonFamily is having lots of fun exploring, sightseeing and, of course, enjoying a trip to the seaside. Our own travelling teddy, Amelia, has even packed her bag and joined four mini customers and their families on their vacations around the world.

Thanks to Childrensalon Airmail, our happy holidaymakers sent postcards telling us about their adventures, and we’d love to see your vacation snaps too! You could even win a £500 Childrensalon wardrobe by sharing a picture of your little one’s favourite toy on their travels. Now, with such great tour guides, all that's left to do is pack your suitcase and make sure their cuddly sidekick is ready to explore.


6 May 2024

A Day Trip to Portsmouth

Four-year-old Freya and her sister Grace, 8 months, are happiest when at the beach in their favourite UK coastal spot.

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside

Freya loves to explore the pretty coves of Britain's South Coast with her sister, Grace, and mum, Chloe. Ruffled skirts and rompers are perfect for cream teas, imaginary or real. 


What do you and your girls love about Portsmouth?
“We love a staycation holiday, especially exploring the beautiful beaches,” says Chloe. “Freya absolutely loves staying in a lodge; she thinks she is on an adventure. We love all the entertainment for the children and the fact that everyday we can visit somewhere new.”


How do you keep Freya entertained at the beach? 
"I always make sure I have a tea set when we go to the beach. Freya loves to fill the teapot up with the sea water and then makes cups of tea by pouring the water in all the cups and then tipping them back out. It keeps her entertained for ages." 


What are their go-to outfits for the British summer?

“I always make sure I have a summer jacket for Freya to wear with her outfits when the weather is a bit hit and miss. I also like Mitty James’ towelling shorts, poncho and romper for beach days to throw over the girls’ swimwear — they are quick and easy to put on. Both the girls’ summer wardrobes have easy-to-wear playsuits for hot days, shorts and T-shirts for adventure days and beautiful dresses for the evening.”


“I like using my spade and putting all the stones and shells in my bucket. Sometimes I find a pink shell and I keep that one for Mummy. I love to go to the beach and go swimming but only when it’s warm."


Freya, Age 4

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Exploring Barcelona

Sisters Chiara, 9, and Serafina, 8, love the exciting range of experiences that Barcelona has to offer, from beach to city to park.

Days out in the Spanish sunshine

Sisters Chiara and Serafina have inherited their travel-expert mum Gabriella’s sense of adventure. They tell us about their trip to Barcelona and what to pack.


Where are your favourite spots in Barcelona?

“For families visiting with children, we highly recommend a visit to Park Güell for picture-perfect views of the whole city,” says Gabriella, author of the book series Travel Now Kids. “And a stop at the quaint neighbourhood of Sarrià. You will feel as if you have been transported back in time. Don’t forget to try the patatas bravas at Bar Tomás!"


As a travel expert, what are your suitcase musts?

“My essentials are always extra undershirts and underwear for the children, and I always pack light jackets and sweaters in our hand luggage as airports and planes can be quite chilly! In terms of planning ahead, try to lay the clothes out for each day prior to packing with the activities you have planned in mind. This way you can avoid over packing or forgetting key pieces for coordinating outfits for siblings.”


How would you describe Chiara and Serafina’s vacation style?

“I would describe my daughters’ vacation style as casual but chic. We always focus on comfort and style, paying attention to adding fun touches like colourful bows and knee-length skirts to twirl and dance in.”

"What I love most about travelling with Chiara is learning different languages with her, trying new foods, having fun, and cuddling her while we take the trip on the plane."


Serafina, Age 8

Sightseeing in Lisbon

Three-year-old Zuri loves looking at the beautiful old buildings in the Portuguese capital, wearing bright colours to match her sunny surroundings.

Sights to see and places to explore

Zuri showed Amelia all the sunny sights of the Portuguese capital, jumping into her buggy for a nap when the excitement gets too much!  


What’s on your Lisbon itinerary this year? 

“We've got lots planned on our trip to Lisbon,” says mum, Cherelle. “We really want to soak up the history of the city and its beauty, just basking in the sun and enjoying the electric atmosphere. The Old Town has cobbled lanes, traditional buildings and beautiful views.”


When exploring, what don’t you leave the hotel without?

“Spare clothes are a must for Zuri. 99% of the time, her clothes are dirty before they even leave the house! A water bottle for keeping hydrated on the go and an easy-to-fold travel stroller for when the combination of a fun-filled day and sun makes for a very sleepy little girl.”


And when the beach calls, how do you keep Zuri safe in the sun?

“SPF50 is a must, applied every two hours. And Zuri never goes anywhere without a cute pair of sunglasses.”

"I love running around in my favourite pair of sandals, they're so comfy." 


Zuri, Age 3

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A City Break in Philadelphia

Sisters and best friends Ruby, 9, and Coco, 8, love exploring this waterfront city with their bear companions. 

City days and trips to the beach

Ruby and Coco enjoy day-tripping in Philadelphia on family days out. Grandma, Carole, chooses chic outfits in pared-back colours to keep them cool and comfortable.


Where do you recommend for anyone visiting Philadelphia?

“There is much to see and do in Philadelphia,” says Carole. “Like the UK, there are double-decker tour buses you can jump on and off to explore. Or you can take a traditional horse-and-buggy ride to visit the city’s many museums, Philadelphia Zoo and the Philadelphia waterfront.”


What outfits do Coco and Ruby like to wear?

“The girls love to wear sundresses on a sunny day or a matching Mayoral outfit set with a canvas sneaker or sandals. Getting dressed up in the summer, both of the girls would choose something special by Lapin House.”


When you head to the beach, what are their favourite activities?

“The beach is about a 90-minute ride away, so Ruby and Coco have their children’s version of an iPad for the journey. Ruby loves anything to do with water. If she’s down at the shore, she’ll be body-surfing on her board. Coco is basically the same; they have been swimming since they were 3 and 4 years old. In the evenings, we’ll go to the boardwalk so they can play arcade games and go on all the rides.”

"We like to play in the water fountains in Philadelphia during the hot summer days." 


Ruby and Coco, Age 9 and 8

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