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What's in my Hospital Bag with Camila Carril

We love a woman with a plan, and Camila Carril has that quiet sense of confidence that comes with knowing that everything is in place and ready to go. The Brazilian-born influencer and jewellery designer is expecting her second child, another little girl, in October and has already started packing her hospital bag for the big day. “Although they say you should pack your bag between 32 and 36 weeks, I like to be organised,” she tells us with a smile.


Camila has selected Chloé's beautiful sherpa fleece changing bag, exclusive to Childrensalon, to fill with baby essentials as well as some luxurious touches, including cashmere clothes and a keepsake silver brush. She's even popped in a little surprise for her one-year-old daughter, Allegra, as a gift from her new baby sister. We told you she was organised! We chatted to Camila about what she’s packing, all the tips and tricks she learnt the first time around and the one thing she forgot.

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4 Sep 2023

Let's Get Started

What do you look for when you’re choosing a baby bag?

I think it's important for it to have lots of compartments and to be functional. I just like to make sure that it's got space for me to put everything that I need in the right places. 


What are the essential items to pack for your new baby?

The first thing I’d say is muslins. They’re just the multitasking item that every parent needs. Next on the list is a hat and mittens — I really like Pima cotton because it's very soft for the baby. Then lots of vests to keep the baby warm, some nappies, nappy cream, a blanket for swaddling, a baby brush and some cute outfits, of course, for the first photo and for going home.


Have you got any tips for keeping your bag extra organised?

For the hospital, I like to prepare drawstring bags that I can put the different outfits inside. Then I can show my husband, 'this is the first outfit, this is the going home outfit, this is the hat and the mittens that we'll need for the delivery room'. And then when he's helping me, it’s all really easy.

Packing for Baby

Camila's expertly packed baby bag is full of well thought out basics and luxury baby clothes made from soft-to-the-touch natural fibres.

Kissy Kissy - Pima Cotton Scratch Mittens | ChildrensalonKissy Kissy
Chloé - Ivory Sherpa Fleece Changing Bag (41cm) | ChildrensalonChloé
Chloé - Ivory Cotton & Wool Knit Blanket (75cm) | ChildrensalonChloé

Classic Style

How would you describe your taste when it comes to baby clothes?

I love dressing babies in a very classic way. I just think it's really cute. Those little bonnets and matching cashmere outfits are so adorable. It's funny because I'm not very classic myself. I tend to mix my style quite a lot but when it comes to little ones, I just like them to look this certain way.


What brands do you particularly love?

Bonpoint, Tartine et Chocolat and Chloé are some of the brands that I gravitate to. There is a classic feel about these brands that you just can't go wrong with because they always look so beautiful and they’re such good quality.


Will your baby be wearing any of her big sister’s hand-me-downs?

Yes, I'm going to pack one of Allegra's first outfits for my baby as well, so they can share this sort of connection. She's only young but I think she understands that there is a baby coming. She kisses the bump and she points to the baby. She is obsessed with bunnies, so I’ve got her this little Jellycat bunny from Childrensalon that I’m going to pack in my maternity bag. When I come home, I will tell her it’s a gift from the baby.

Jellycat - Beige Bashful Bunny Rabbit Soft Toy (18cm) | ChildrensalonJellycat
Chloé - Baby Girls Ivory Cotton Babygrow Gift Set | ChildrensalonChloé
aden + anais - Baby Girls White Muslin Cloths (5 Pack) | Childrensalonaden + anais
Paz Rodriguez - Baby Girls Pink Cotton Cashmere Bonnet | ChildrensalonPaz Rodriguez

Packing for Mama

Don't forget the lotions and potions that make you feel good, and relaxed clothing to keep you cosy.

Bonpoint - Pink Floral Liberty Print Pouch (24cm) | ChildrensalonBonpoint
Bonpoint - Ivory Cotton Canvas Bag (41cm) | ChildrensalonBonpoint
Bonpoint - Nourishing Body Cream (150ml) | ChildrensalonBonpoint

Home Comforts

What are the essential items you'll be packing for yourself?

For me, it’s important that I feel extra comfortable when I'm at the hospital because you go through such a rollercoaster of emotions giving birth. I want to make sure that what I'm wearing feels like I'm being hugged. Clothes that feel soft but still look stylish. I also think it's important to take something that makes you feel good. A one-does-it-all product that you can wear on your lips, cheeks and eyes means you can do your makeup in under one minute and dry shampoo is great if you can't get a wash that day.


Are there any fragrances or familiar items you’ll be taking with you to create a calm atmosphere?

In Brazil, we have a tradition that we bring our own blanket, pillow and linen, which we have specially made. It makes it feel like you're in your own room at home rather than in a hospital. I pack matching linen for me and the baby with her name embroidered on it, so when I walk into the room with the baby, it feels so much cosier.


Is there anything you didn’t pack last time that you will definitely be including this time?

Yes, actually, I forgot to pack myself some cosy slippers. They're very important! I had plenty of socks, but it was annoying to have to put my sneakers on all the time. 


What are you most looking forward to eating when you’ve had your baby?

I'll be ordering sushi. Yes! First thing in the morning! I'm kidding. For lunch, for sure, or dinner. I also love charcuterie and I'm not allowed to have that right now, so sushi and charcuterie will be the first things I eat.

Chloé - Brown Organic Cotton Changing Bag (39cm) | ChildrensalonChloé
Nanán - White Faux Leather Case (51cm) | ChildrensalonNanán
Peach Ribbons - Pink Bow Hair Elastic (12cm) | ChildrensalonPeach Ribbons

Photography by Michelle N

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