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'Be kind' has become an internationally used slogan and trending buzzword for 2020 - whether it relates to the planet, mental health awareness or as a byword for anti-bullying - kindness is a learned behaviour and for this reason, it's important we instil this into our children. Teaching them kindness and empathy is crucial for developing social skills and building friendships with their peers. This month sees the release of the new DreamWorks Trolls movie 'Trolls World Tour'.

The original Trolls feature is a feel good film - set in a place where Trolls live together in happiness - singing, dancing, hugging and generally being kind and thoughtul friends.

This month we're inspired by this uplifting feel good film and the positive messages it advocates. Trolls World Tour will no longer be premiering at the cinema, but will be available to rent from Monday, April 6 from Prime Video UK, iTunes, Sky Store and other UK streaming platforms.

9 Mar 2020


Dolce & Gabbana - Red & Gold Glitter Trainers | ChildrensalonDolce & Gabbana





Guy Diamond is the glitter Troll - his body is covered in iridescent silver glitter. Unlike the other Trolls, Guy doesn't wear clothes and that's because his glitter exterior is fabulous enough. Inspired by his super-sparkly shining example, we've gone all out with glitter and sequins.


A brand new character, Queen Barb is on a mission to destroy all other music genres so that rock and roll reigns supreme. A mini rebel in her own right, Barb loves to dress like a rock chick. To be queen for a day, we've created a super-fun look to include a faux leather biker jacket, chunky boots with faux fur trims and a metallic skirt, all in rock-glam shades of black and silver. 


Fun & Fun - Girls Pink Sequinned Skirt | ChildrensalonFun & Fun





Not technically a Troll, Bridget is a Bergen, who are notorious enemies of the Trolls. Bridget however, is super sweet but dowdy in everyday life and goes on a voyage of self discovery to win the heart of fellow Bergen, King Gristle Jr. This quest leads to the birth of her alto-ego Lady Glitter Sparkles whose main feature is her fabulous rainbow hair. Inspired by her technicolour tresses, we've created an edit filled with bold rainbow brights. 

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