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How to Make a New Year's Eve Capsule

With many people having no choice but to stay at home for New Year's Eve, we reached out to Ashalina and mum, Saima to show us how to make a time capsule and also to share how they will be spending the celebration in light of this year's restrictions. 

Saima says ...
"My name is Saima Sikandar, originally from Denmark and moved to sunny Southern California 6 years ago. We just recently moved back to Denmark due to the covid pandemic situation.

I am a wife and mother to three wonderful children. Fashion and photography have always been my passion, and one of my favorite people to style and photograph is obviously my daughter, she is my muse"

21 Dec 2020

New Year's Eve @triplets_in_my_kitchen

Ashalina might be a little girl, but she has the biggest heart. She is such a joyful and happy girl, who loves to explore the world through her imagination. In a world full of magic, sparkle, unicorns and everything sweet she also loves to dress up. It was nothing but pure joy to do this collaboration with Childrensalon. Something to mention is that she chose the Monnalisa outfit herself.

As for New Year's Eve 2020, we will be enjoying the day with close family, celebrating with lots of yummy food and appreciating every moment. Even though 2020 has been a tough year, it made us all much wiser, and we look ahead to the new year for health, happiness and harmony.

What to wear

Making the time capsule

We had so much fun making the time capsule together, and it’s the perfect mummy and me activity. Most importantly it gave us the opportunity to reflect upon this year. Ashalina thoroughly enjoyed discussing the new changes, and I was amazed how committed she feels to ensure a better tomorrow. Decorating the time capsule with glitter and sparkly stickers was definitely the highlight!

Writing your resolutions

We made three New Year resolutions; it didn’t take her long to write them down. They go as the following:

1. I want to have more playdates with my friends.
2. I wish I can hug my friends again.
3. I want a new pet.

Hiding it away

Ashalina sealed the time capsule with her resolutions waiting to be opened again on New Years Eve 2021, and I helped her store it on the upper shelf in the wardrobe as it’s too pretty to be hidden away and acts as a great visual reminder to really make 2021 a great year.

All images by @asha_lina__

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