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Designer Focus | My 1st Years

Celebrating 10 years this October, My 1st Years came to life when close friends Dan & Jonny had the idea for a business creating personalised gifts for new parents. The brand rapidly gained popularity, with a certain little Royal even sporting his very own personalised dressing gown. 

Offering a wide range of high-quality, personalisable gifts and dedication to great service, it’s no wonder they have taken the world by storm. We spoke to My 1st Years to learn a little more about the brand…

3 Sep 2020

Where did the inspiration for My 1st Years come from?

The inspiration for My 1st Years came when our Founders, Dan and Jonny, were looking for a special gift for a friend’s baby. They wanted to find something unique to gift to the new family, understanding the key to a great baby gift is something the parents will love too. They worked together and personalised a pair of shoes by hand. Still, now, Dan and Jonny are passionate about the details and ensuring every gift at My 1st Years is made with love.

Why do you think personalisation is so special?

There are so many reasons we believe personalisation is special, especially for baby and children’s gifts. Firstly, it’s knowing that something has been made just for you, it’s a unique gift that someone has put the thought into getting personalised for you/your child. Secondly, when it comes to gifting a new baby we know that the parents have spent hours pondering over a name, trying to pick the perfect one for their newest arrival, so it’s exciting and validating to receive a gift with that beautiful name on it! Thirdly, as toddlers grow and begin to recognise their name in the written form, they usually will express happiness and excitement in seeing it on their clothing and toys, giving them ownership over their belongings. And finally, we hear from our customers that they treasure and keep their My 1st Years gifts because they’re beautiful presents that were purchased and personalised just for them.

You’ve grown rapidly and your products are loved around the globe, what’s the secret to your success?

Thoughtfulness! With every decision we make as a brand, we ask ourselves, is this the most thoughtful act we can do? Whether it’s the way the product is designed, the way we personalise the gift, or how we package it up - every aspect of the customer's experience with us should culminate in giving the perfect gift.

What are some of your best-selling products?

Our robes have consistently been a best-seller for some time now, which is why we offer a range of designs and styles. Of course, this was helped when a certain Royal was photographed wearing our personalised blue gingham robe in 2016, but they have only grown in popularity since. Following that would be our soft toys, particularly our adorable fluffy bunnies. They’re a great gift for newborns and older children alike, and instantly become a favourite toy for little ones.


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