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#SafeAtHome | Mac & Cheese with a green twist | @triplets_in_my_kitchen

Traditionally considered more of a side dish on the menu in an American restaurant and a staple comfort meal for UK families, macaroni cheese or 'Mac & Cheese' as it's fondly referred to, gained its cult status on the menus of trendy restaurant and gastro pubs alike in around 2010. Recent years have shown a trend in restaurants turning relatively cheap comfort foods that everyone loves into gastronomic dishes by using modern ingredients that give them unusual twists -

such as Mac & Cheese with pancetta, Mac & Cheese balls (macaroni pasta shaped into balls, coated, fried and served as a side), also adding them to dishes such as burgers. 

Still being at the top of the menu as one of the world's most favourite comfort foods, we asked @triplets_in_my_kitchen - 9 year old triplets Sienna, Kayla and Monika - to talk us through their recipe 'Mac & cheese with a green twist' in celebration of National Mac & Cheese Day on 14th July 2020. 

14 Jul 2020


- 1 x large saucepan
- 1 x medium saucepan
- A Kettle 
- A Colander
- A Whisk
- 1 x ovenproof dish
- 1 x wooden spoon
- 1 x cheese grater

* Parental assistance should be given at all times and health and safety measures should be followed.


- 500g macaronI
- 500ml room temperature whole milk
- 2 tablespoons butter
- 3 tablespoons flour
- 1 garlic clove chopped
- 1 broccoli head cut into small pieces and steamed
- 160g cheddar cheese
- 100g parmesan
- 50g breadcrumbs
- 2 teaspoons salt
-Black pepper

- How to make your Mac & Cheese -

- Start by grating the cheeses separately.

- Boil a full kettle of water. Once boiled, place a large saucepan on your stove and fill it with the water. Make sure your stove is on.

- Add the macaroni to the boiling water, and cook for the recommended time. It should say this on your packet. While your macaroni is cooking away, you can start making the white sauce.

- In a medium pan over a medium heat, add the butter and then the garlic. Once the butter has melted, add the flour, and stir constantly with a whisk, or a wooden spoon. The butter and flour will come together. Now add in your milk a little at a time whilst continuing to stir.

- Continue stirring until all the milk has been added and you get a thick sauce. Remove the pan off the heat and add all the cheddar cheese, half of the parmesan, and all of the steamed broccoli.Your macaroni should be cooked by now. Drain it in your colander and return the macaroni to the large saucepan.

- Add the cheese and broccoli sauce to the macaroni. Add 2 teaspoons of salt and some black pepper and mix everything together. Adjust your seasoning according to taste. Pour your mixture into an oven proof dish.

- Scatter the remainder of the parmesan, and the breadcrumbs over the macaroni.  Your macaroni is now ready to go into the oven. Bake at 180°C (356°F) for about 20 minutes, or until golden.

All images by @triplets_in_my_kitchen

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