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The Interview | In the Studio with Tutu du Monde

Imagine trailing your fingers through endless rails of cotton-candy dresses and spinning until you collapse in a heap of tulle on a white bouclé sofa . . . welcome to the Tutu du Monde studio in Sydney, Australia where fairy princesses are real and there’s no such thing as too much sparkle.

“My vision for Tutu du Monde was to celebrate childhood with its precious and fleeting moments,” founder Andrea Rembeck tells us, standing against her twinkling moodboard. As she muses over swatches of tulle, sequins and pink Post-it notes, we are transported into every little girl’s dream world where the tutu reigns supreme.


Images by Tutu du Monde and Childrensalon

26 Feb 2024

A World of Imagination

“When I received my first prototypes, I realised I’d created something unique. My friends insisted I create Tutu du Monde, and the rest is history."

The Dresses of Dreams

Ribbons of natural light stream through the studio windows, illuminating Andrea’s ever-evolving moodboard, the most adorable tutu-clad models floating between rails upon rails of rainbow-coloured tulle. Like many parents who turn their hand to design, Andrea’s vision for Tutu du Monde began with a desire to bring her little girl’s big imagination to life. “My daughter Alyna was about four years old when she asked for a tutu dress, and I couldn't find anything other than costumes, so I decided to make my own.” And that’s where it all began. My vision for Tutu du Monde was to be free-spirited, creative and playful,” shares Andrea as she discusses her early inspirations, “I wanted the dresses to be worn for years, passed down to friends, siblings or just to be kept as a keepsake.”

The Wow Factor

"My first tutu dress was a gorgeous little style called the Blossom Tutu."

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Looking the part is one thing, but feeling great is something Andrea keeps front of mind when she’s designing each and every piece. “I want children to feel free and unrestricted, confident and beautiful, like that character in a magical story or a princess in a faraway land. It's all about imagination.” And it’s this vision and craftsmanship that makes a Tutu du Monde dress stand out from the crowd. “It probably takes our beaders up to one day to bead the front of a bodice,” explains Andrea, “and many metres of the finest tulle go into every silhouette, which come in ever-changing shapes and volumes.”

Practical Magic

“I wanted to create a brand for my daughter and myself, and other mums and their daughters, to celebrate childhood with its precious moments.”


Style and Substance

The circumference of our skirts is truly enormous, so twirl-ability is always a given,” says Andrea, as one of the mini models gives a live-action demonstration — sequins catch the light beautifully and the layers of soft ombré tulle appear weightless. “They all have a light, flowy feel and are designed to have the comfort of ballerinas in mind; there is nothing tight or scratchy,” she explains. As we ponder for a moment, it has us thinking: has Andrea ever made a Tutu du Monde dress for herself? “No, I haven't, but you know, one of the reasons I created Tutu du Monde was to relive my childhood through my daughter. I wished I could have had dresses like that when I was little.” 


In the Studio

“My favourite spot in the studio? It’s actually right here, in front of our moodboard.”

Tutu du Monde for Childrensalon

When asked about her design processes, it’s clear to see why Andrea’s favourite spot in the studio is beside her moodboard. “I love working on a new collection and pinning up ideas,” she explains as she looks over her current burst of inspiration, “it's my favourite thing to do.” Becoming a fashion designer was always on the cards for Andrea, ever since she was a little girl, and we just had to invite her and the team to create something truly magical for us. “Childrensalon was on my wish list very early on, so it was an amazing pinch-me moment when we became part of the family.”


“What I love most about our new exclusive designs is the beautiful, fresh colours and those gorgeous ombré effects," she reflects as we admire the two dresses side by side, one a vision in cascading macaron-hued tulle, the other a lilac dream with a gem-encrusted bow. Before heading back to reality, we had one final question for Andrea: what was the last dress you made? Hoping for a little sneak peek at her latest creation, she paused a moment before saying, “I can’t tell you, it’s still top secret!” And with that, the interview is over and it's time to say goodbye, with glitter in our hair and visions of tulle dancing in our heads.

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