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Baby girl wearing a baby swimsuit and baby sun hat in the sun.


A Guide To Baby Swimwear

You might be getting ready to take your baby to the beach or pool for the very first time. Be prepared for the special moment with our guide to baby swimwear, including a wealth of choices that are available to you.

Picking the right baby swimwear can protect a baby’s skin from getting burnt and is essential to keeping babies safe in the sun. A baby’s skin is highly sensitive and delicate, meaning they need added protection when exposed to the sun’s rays.

Safety in the water is just as important, so making the right purchasing choices when it comes to your baby's swimwear is essential for keeping them as safe as possible.

When it comes to shopping for your baby's summer essentials, there are a few important things to consider. The swimwear you choose for your baby should cover as much skin as possible and have UV protection. There are a few other things to keep in mind too.

22 Jul 2021

Things to Consider When Buying Swimwear for a Baby:

1. UV Protected Swimwear

A baby’s skin is highly sensitive to the sun’s rays and, some say, using sunscreen alone is not enough protection. UV protective swimwear is a must-have for babies, it blocks out harmful UV by as much as 98% and can provide the added protection that your baby needs – and peace of mind for you too.

2. Tightly Woven Swimwear

​​​​​​​Swimwear made with tighter weaves allows for greater protection for your baby. The tighter the woven material, the fewer harmful rays can get through.

Top tip: Hold your baby's swimwear up towards the light to see how much light is blocked through the weaved fabric. This will give you an idea of how tight the weaves are.

Baby girl wearing a pink baby swimsuit.

3. Warmth

Babies can feel the cold very easily, so make sure to prioritise warmth when buying your baby's swimwear. 

It is important to note that newborn babies cannot stay in water for long periods of time due to their inability to regulate their body temperature. They will become cold much more quickly than older babies, so high quality, full coverage swimwear is essential for newborns. 

High coverage swimwear and hooded towels are a great way to priortise warmth, in and out of the water.

4. Swimming Safety

Rest assured that baby is as safe as can be with swimwear that allows them to float and stay above the water’s surface. Purchase swimwear that has integrated floats, like our float suits.

5. The Right Sizing

If the sizing isn’t right for your baby, look for separates instead of sets, where you can mix and match the sizes of the tops and bottoms. If your baby's swimwear is too small, it will not only be uncomfortable but can also allow in extra sun rays due to the fabric being stretched. It can also ride up and expose more skin to the sun.

Baby boys wearing a baby floatsuit and baby swimsuit.

6. Skin Sensitivity

A baby's skin can often become irritated by chlorine commonly found in swimming pools. If your baby also suffers with a skin condition, choose baby swimwear that covers as much skin as possible, for example, baby swimsuits. Swimsuits will also allow for skin cream to be kept in place.

7. Skin Coverage

Covering as much skin as possible is advised to keep their skin protected. If you are buying separates, match a pair of shorts with a long sleeve top to cover up as much as you can.

Swimwear Options for Babies:

Baby Swimwear

Be prepared for your summer with our swimwear for babies, offering a variety of swimsuits, float suits, swimming trunks and much more. Discover labels that provide sustainable swimwear, sun protected pieces or quick-drying materials that help prevent water rashes.

Baby Swimwear

Baby boy wearing matching swimwear set for babies.
Sunuva - Sun Protective Top (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonSunuva

1. UV Baby Swimwear

Keep baby cool, covered and protected in the sun with our certified selection of baby UV swimwear and clothing, specifically designed to shield delicate skin from harmful rays.

Made from the highest quality UPF 50+ fabric, many of which are validated by The British Skin Foundation, our colourful range includes swim tops, sun suits, hats, swim shorts and much more, perfect for paddling in the pool or building sandcastles on the beach.

2. Baby Sun Suits

With long sleeves and long or short legs, sun suits allow for maximum protection by covering most areas of the body. Styled with a sun hat, you can have peace of mind that your baby is sheltered from the sun.

3. Baby Float Suits

Introduce your baby to the water safely, with a baby float suit. With removable buoyant inserts, these practical swimwear styles will keep your baby safe and bobbing on the water’s surface. Our collection of float suits are available in a variety of fun prints and bright colours, lovingly made in high quality, water absorbent fabrics.

4. Baby Swim Trunks and Shorts

Crafted in lightweight, quick-to-dry and UPF protected fabrics, babies will be ready for the sun with our collection of baby swim trunks and shorts. Match their swimming shorts with a top for added protection. If worn alone, ensure you apply sunscreen to all areas of the skin and reapply thoroughly throughout the day.

5. Swim Nappies

Swim nappies are a must when choosing from baby swimwear options. A swim nappy is a more sustainable option than reusable ones and will also ensure your baby is comfortable. Made with high quality waterproof material to prevent them from getting waterlogged, the nappies remain highly absorbent on the inside. 

6. Baby Sun Hats

You can find a selection of baby sun hats and sun protective caps in our baby swimwear collection. Find pieces with SPF 50 protection, crafted in stretchy lycra for comfort. A sun protective hat is a great addition to your baby swimwear, many styles cover the ears and the back of the neck, providing added protection while in the sun.

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