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The Benefits of Baby Bath Time

Many might think bathtime serves one sole purpose: getting baby clean. But in fact, this time can be remarkably beneficial for multiple reasons, from bonding with your child to supporting their cognitive development. Incorporating more elements into bath time will not only keep them distracted but can also improve their fine motor skills, promote relationship building, and encourage a settled night's sleep!

Some designers, such as Liewood, offer bath accessories to aid the smooth running of bathtime, from animal washcloths to keep baby entertained as you bathe them to fluffy towels for a cosy cuddle at the end. We have taken a look at some of the principal benefits of baby bath time, what you can do to increase those benefits, and included some of our top tips for making bath time easier.

6 Aug 2021


Physical touch is essential for a baby's development, and it promotes bonding with whoever is bathing them. Once they are old enough, you can take this opportunity for closer skin-to-skin contact by getting in the bathtub with your baby, holding them against your chest, having a cuddle, and even breastfeeding. For parents who aren't the primary caregiver or for those who aren't breastfeeding, this can be a great alternative way to strengthen your bond with your baby. 

Safety note: If you choose to co-bathe with baby, make sure you still follow the safety rules for baby bathing (body temperature water, shallow water depth), and either have someone else hold them or place them in their car seat or bounce chair whilst you get in and out of the tub.


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The combination of warm water and relaxing touch can make bathtime perfect as a pre-bed ritual for baby, calming them down and getting them ready to go to sleep. It can also be a mindful moment for you, taking this opportunity to wind down and connect with your little one. You can increase these calming effects by including a baby massage at the end of the bath. Baby massage triggers the release of oxytocin (the love and bonding hormone) in both parent and baby, and other hormones that serve to regulate your baby's stress and sleep cycles.


Bath time is a great time to play and have fun with your baby! That could mean just splashing around in the water, but it can also include introducing bath toys such as Liewood's super sweet bathtime animals to keep your baby laughing, distracted, and less likely to be fussy. You can tell stories using the toys, sing songs, and even play music to make the whole experience a lot more playful.

Motor Skills

There are so many ways you can support your baby's cognitive development, and bath time is full of opportunities. Pouring cups, dripping water, bubbles, different scents, singing - these are just a few of the many ways you can engage your baby's senses and encourage them to explore during bathtime. Not only can all of these things be great for developing fine motor skills, but playing and laughing with baby is also brilliant for bonding - and a lot of fun! 

Vocabulary Skills

Talking to your baby is a brilliant way to improve their cognitive function, with studies showing that it actively helps them develop a broader vocabulary by their second birthday. Telling stories, singing songs, and even just recounting your day to them are all great ways to do this. You can talk about popping bubbles, the drip-drop of the tap, and the splashing of the bathwater - bath time is a perfect opportunity to incorporate even more words into your conversations with baby. 

Our top tips for making bath time easier

1. Order your bathtime with fun at the start, gradually winding down into a relaxing end, ready for a good night's sleep! 

2. Get the bath temperature right. The water should be at body temperature or just higher, though some babies prefer cooler bathwater - see what works! 

3. Playing some music can help calm unsettled babies and distract them if they don't enjoy bath time - it's also a good excuse for a sing-along!

4. Choose a variety of bath toys and alternate them each time to keep them entertained. Liewood's sweet animal toys come in different colours and creatures - from dinosaurs to bunny rabbits to elephants!

5. Ensure the room is warm and have a fun towel and a snug bathrobe at the ready, such as Liewood's cute animal-themed bath accessories. Wrapping baby up in a fluffy towel and having a cosy cuddle after a bath will help them feel safe and relaxed.

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