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January 2023 | This Month We're Inspired By ...

Happy new year! Or should we say 'hoppy' new year? Yes, this Lunar New Year is the Year of the Rabbit and we couldn't be more excited. Not only because the rabbit is a sign of peace, prosperity and longevity but because we have so many beautiful bunny inspired pieces to celebrate this new journey round the moon. KENZO KIDS have created a fabulous Year of the Rabbit capsule collection, which features racing rabbits across cool jersey separates and we're completely in love with Tommy Hilfiger's new Miffy collaboration. If you're looking for more fashion inspiration, 


colour experts Pantone have announced that their new hue for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a deep pink that emanates warmth and strength. You'll be pleased to hear that we have plenty of hot pink clothes in our new collections that tap into this wonderful colour trend.

Things are heating up at Childrensalon with the arrival of boho holiday brand Zimmermann. The Australian design house has the most stunning swimwear, as well as truly adorable dresses that will work over tights and sweaters now and with white sands come summer ...

5 Jan 2023

Year Of The Rabbit

The rabbit is a symbol of peace, prosperity and longevity so here's to a very hoppy 2023! 

KENZO KIDS - Красный свитшот с зайцем | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
145,00 £
BOSS - Черный топ Looney Tunes™ | ChildrensalonBOSS
79,00 £
Molo - Кремовый пушистый рюкзак Кролик (35см) | ChildrensalonMolo
55,00 £

Happy Lunar New Year

It's time to welcome the year of the rabbit. A symbol of great luck in Asian culture, we're inviting as many bunnies into our kids' wardrobes as possible. KENZO KIDS have outdone themselves with their dedicated Year of the Rabbit capsule collection, which features striking stripy rabbits bounding over soft jersey co-ords as well as a gorgeous beanie hat with ears. Possibly the cutest bunny in the world, Miffy, makes an appearence in Tommy Hilfiger's latest collection and don't get us started on how cute Molo's fluffy rabbit backpack is ...

Tommy Hilfiger - Красно-синий шерстяной кардиган Miffy | ChildrensalonTommy Hilfiger
120,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Черная шапка-бини с заячьими ушками | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
70,00 £
BOSS - Красная худи с Багзом Банни | ChildrensalonBOSS
119,00 £

Magnificent Magenta

It's official. Pantone's colour of the year is vivid Viva Magenta and we are here for it ...

Mini Rodini - Розовая футболка с лох-несским чудовищем | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
28,00 £
Zaccone - Розовая сумка через плечо для девочек (14см) | ChildrensalonZaccone
58,00 £
Dolce & Gabbana - Бело-розовые кожаные кроссовки DG | ChildrensalonDolce & Gabbana
235,00 £

The Power of Pink

There's nothing like a dash of hot pink to pep up an outfit so we were thrilled to hear that Pantone's colour of the year is Viva Magenta. Designers must have been tipped the wink about this great shade of pink as there are plenty of flashes of magenta to be found across this season's collections. Mini Rodini have pink for everyone on caps and T-shirts and we love the idea of layering up tops, coats and bags for maximum magenta impact.

DKNY - Футболка цвета фуксии | ChildrensalonDKNY
39,00 £
Mini Melissa - Розовые резиновые шлепанцы с блестками | ChildrensalonMini Melissa
60,00 £
Versace - Розовое платье с принтом Greca Signature | ChildrensalonVersace
555,00 £

Club Tropicana

Sun, Sea, Sand, Repeat ... The exquisite kidswear collection from new designer Zimmermann has us dreaming of our next sunny escape. 

Zimmermann - Желто-фиолетовое бикини в цветочек | ChildrensalonZimmermann
105,00 £
Zimmermann - Оранжевый купальник с открытой спиной | ChildrensalonZimmermann
110,00 £
Zimmermann - Золотисто-розовое присборенное платье из хлопка | ChildrensalonZimmermann
195,00 £

The Holidays are Coming ...

If like us you're dreaming of escaping to far-flung shores, we have the perfect collection to boost your manifestation powers. We're so excited to welcome Sydney based label Zimmermann to Childrensalon and know their selection of beautifully made, boho inspired swimwear, beachwear and dresses will evoke the taste of the tropics just by looking at them. With Hawaiian inspired embroidery, ruffles, batik prints and a juicy rainbow palette, these clothes are pure essence of sunshine.

Zimmermann - Сине-зеленое бикини с узором пейсли | ChildrensalonZimmermann
115,00 £
Zimmermann - Золотисто-коричневый комбинезон с принтом пейсли | ChildrensalonZimmermann
145,00 £
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