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Parenting Guide | Keeping Baby Safe in the Sun

Sun-safe clothing and SPF are the key ingredients to any beachside destination, home or away. And whether you're heading to the seaside or into town, our baby sunwear is here for every moment. Before you head outdoors, let’s talk sun safety. It's important to keep babies under 6 months old out of direct sunlight and after that age, try to avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm. Of course, it's not always that simple with errands to run and school pick-ups for older siblings; a clip-on shade attached to your pram is the perfect way to protect your little one while on the move.


And staying hydrated goes without saying. If you're breastfeeding, it's worth upping the number of feeds — did you know that breast milk is 80% water? If you’re formula feeding, simply supplement their liquid intake with cooled boiled water. According to the National Childbirth Trust, they’ll have at least six wet nappies every 24 hours if they’re well hydrated (yay for more changes). And wherever the destination, sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 is a must for babies over 6 months old. Now for the clothing!


Image by Liewood


16 Aug 2023

Make a Splash

Bright colours and fun prints will keep little ones smiling for their first adventures into the pool.  

Joyday - Бело-голубой солнцезащитный комбинезон и шапочка | ChildrensalonJoyday
60,00 £
Playshoes - Розово-голубой солнцезащитный костюм для девочек (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonPlayshoes

34,00 £

17,00 £

Molo - Кремовый солнцезащитный комбинезон со смайлами (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonMolo
55,00 £
Mitty James - Boys Blue Shark Sunsuit (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonMitty James
45,00 £

Now, when it comes to the serious stuff, we know there’s lots of information and abbreviations to take in. Don't worry, we've got you (and them) covered. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (or UPF) indicates how much UVA and UVB light a fabric allows to reach the skin. For example, UPF50-certified clothing blocks 98 per cent of harmful rays, allowing just two per cent to permeate — the higher the number, the greater the protection it offers. Easy peasy, right?With that said, there is still more to consider when dressing babies for the hot weather. Did you know that, whilst brilliant at reflecting light, white clothing only protects skin from up to five per cent of the sun’s ultraviolet light? We know, we were surprised too! Instead, opt for swimwear and beach cover-ups in bright colours, and the more saturated the colour, the more UV light they will absorb and therefore block. As if we needed another reason to love bright colours. 


If it’s extra coverage that you’re after, your little swim stars will be cool and comfy in a long-sleeved rash guard or sun suit. These fun and functional styles from Liewood, Playshoes and Molo are perfect, and they come in a range of sizes for newborns, infants and toddlers. Last, but not least, a legionnaire hat is perfect for covering that often-forgotten spot at the back of the neck. Our Joyday set has it all, wrapped up in this playful abstract print.


Image by Liewood

Soli Swim - Розово-голубой жилет-поплавок в полоску | ChildrensalonSoli Swim

45,00 £

36,00 £

Mitty James - Розовый солнцезащитный комбинезон с белыми цветами (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonMitty James
45,00 £
Soli Swim - Голубой жилет-поплавок с динозаврами | ChildrensalonSoli Swim

45,00 £

36,00 £

Soli Swim - Голубой костюм-поплавок в полоску (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonSoli Swim
43,00 £

Into the Garden

If you're spending the afternoon in the garden, natural fabrics are the way forward. Think cool linen outfits and cotton sun hats to make them smile. 

Molo - Кремовое боди из органического хлопка с радугой | ChildrensalonMolo

33,00 £

26,00 £

Mitty James - Розовая панама в клубничку для девочек (UPF50+) | ChildrensalonMitty James
32,00 £
Gucci - Розовый песочник из хлопкового пике | ChildrensalonGucci
170,00 £
Minutus - Голубой трикотажный песочник из хлопка | ChildrensalonMinutus

42,00 £

21,00 £

Nothing says hot and bothered like head-to-toe synthetic fabrics. Natural fibres, on the other hand, are a baby’s best friend, whether they're crawling through the grass looking for bugs or enjoying a shady picnic-blanket nap. The loose construction of linen, bamboo and cotton means that the fabric is lightweight, breathable and allows air to circulate between the warps and wefts. Put simply, these fabrics don’t stick to skin, and they dry quickly. We'd call that a win-win for sunny style.


One designer that knows about this all too well is Stella McCartney Kids. The brand's collections are not only cute and colourful, but Stella's eco ethos runs deep, meaning you'll always find cotton that's organically produced and materials that have been repurposed. Combine these planet-loving threads with a shady parasol and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. And we’ll say it again,a hat is their sunny-day saviour.


Image by Molo

Petit Bateau - Голубой джинсовый полукомбинезон | ChildrensalonPetit Bateau

54,00 £

43,00 £

Joyday - Бело-голубой жилет и платье из хлопкового джерси | ChildrensalonJoyday
55,00 £
Stella McCartney Kids - Белая хлопковая футболка с солнцем для малышей | ChildrensalonStella McCartney Kids

48,00 £

38,00 £

Beatrice & George - Голубая хлопковая панама в цветочек | ChildrensalonBeatrice & George

35,00 £

21,00 £

City Style

Keep fabrics soft and layers light for trips around town. And don’t forget to keep that bottle of factor 30 close by.

Kissy Kissy - Хлопковый песочник для малышек | ChildrensalonKissy Kissy

42,00 £

34,00 £

Sarah Louise - Голубой песочник со сборками | ChildrensalonSarah Louise
55,00 £
Bobux Step Up - Коричневые кожаные сандалии для малышей | ChildrensalonBobux Step Up
45,00 £
Sarah Louise - Белый песочник и шапочка в матросском стиле | ChildrensalonSarah Louise
55,00 £

Cities tend to be warmer than the suburbs or the rolling countryside, with the temperature rising as much as 15 per cent more in some central hotspots. Applying sunscreen before getting your little one dressed for the day makes it easier to get all those tricky spots without having to move clothing the ears, tops of feet and places underneath the edge of sleeves, straps and necklines often get missed. Once they're covered head to toe, ear to ear and everywhere in between, add loose layers of brightly coloured clothing from the likes of Stella McCartney Kids and Mayoral. If they are toddling along beside the pram, a pair of breathable sandals like these from Bobux will turn their sunshine stroll into an adventure, with new discoveries around every corner. They’re approved by podiatrists and the Velcro straps mean they’re easy to kick off for a lunchtime stop in the park. And all that's left to do is soak up those sunny moments with your little one; they won't be little for long!


Image by Childrensalon

Paz Rodríguez - Белое хлопковое платье с цветами для девочек | ChildrensalonPaz Rodríguez

75,00 £

45,00 £

Moncler Enfant - Голубая шапка из шамбре для малышей | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant

110,00 £

88,00 £

AIGNER - Розовое вязаное крючком платье с зигзагами | ChildrensalonAIGNER

92,00 £

64,00 £

Patachou - Кремовая рубашка и голубые шорты из хлопка для малышей | ChildrensalonPatachou

78,00 £

47,00 £

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