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Chloé | #GirlsForward Campaign

At Childrensalon, we are proud to be an inclusive and diverse workforce. You can find our Gender Pay Gap Report on our website, and we are pleased to be bucking the trend when it comes to women's pay inequality. We strive to support and nurture women across all roles and pay everyone equally and fairly. However, sadly this is not the case globally, where women on average earn 23% less than men. One of our designers, Chloé, are partnered with UNICEF on #GirlsForward, a global campaign striving to advance gender equality.

All over the world, women and girls have fewer opportunities than their male friends and family; they earn less money, have less access to skills learning, and spend much more time on unpaid work such as household chores and care work. Globally, access to education is not equal. Girls ages 15-19 are half as likely as boys of the same age to be in school or paid work. Chloé is on a mission to change that. Their partnership with UNICEF offers training solutions to provide adolescent girls with the digital skills they need to obtain greater freedom and equal opportunities. 

20 May 2021

What is Girls Forward?

Gaby Aghion, the iconic and inspirational founder of Chloé, believed strongly in giving women the freedom to dare to be themselves. True to the spirit of the designer, Girls Forward is a partnership between Chloé and UNICEF aiming to provide adolescent girls with "digital and technology skills, entrepreneurial capacity and spirit, and confidence."

In the words of Patty Alleman, UNICEF's Senior Gender and Development Advisor, "Tomorrow’s climate entrepreneur, artificial intelligence coder or science teacher is today’s diversity of adolescent girl strength. Valuing their skills and opportunities to discover who they can be is a guaranteed return of a bold vision for gender equality." 

Throughout the three-year partnership, Girls Forward supports UNICEF in their work in Bolivia, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal,Tajikistan, and many other countries, equipping girls with skills to promote their employability and progression.

 “To all women, I always say, you must dare.” - Gaby Aghion, founder of Chloé

Striving for equal opportunities

To date, the Girls Forward programme has helped almost 10,000 adolescent girls and young women, providing them with an education and teaching them the technical skills needed to become financially independent and to advance in the workplace. The global progression of girls and young women not only helps the girls themselves but also their families and society as a whole. 


Training and secondary education have tangible results; girls in secondary education can expect to go on and earn almost twice as much as girls without a secondary education. Speaking in a recent video update from Chloé, some of the young women that have taken part in the training program in Jordan shared their stories:

Sally, 20 years old

"After reading about the education and digital studies, I felt encouraged to improve my skills on a computer and learn how to work on a laptop and create programmes and my own projects and be able to deal with any situation."

Nusiba, 22 years old

"Learning something new in a short period of time helps me develop digital skills, which can help me find a job and generate an income. It can also help me enter the labour market in the future. Online work is an opportunity for us to work from home and generate our own income."

Monia, 23 years old

"I can tell this project was a turning point in my life. It helped me learn who I really am. I found that I am a person, who can handle anything and I am always reliable. Everyone knows that being financially independent helps you become physically and mentally comfortable. So when I know I will have a job and stable income, at least I feel productive and that I can contribute to society."

Saja, 23 years old

"I registered for the course for many reasons. One main reason was to gain new skills and information in the world of technology, as it is always changing and developing."

Isra’a, 25 years old

"We are living in modern and digital times. This programme has changed my life significantly."

The three-year Girls Forward programme is over halfway through. Keep an eye on Chloé's blog, #ChloeGirls for updates

All images by Chloé

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