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First Look | Our Buyers’ Top Picks For Christmas

Christmas is undoubtedly the most joyous time of the year, however it's perfectly OK to feel slightly overwhelmed in the lead up. From finding the perfect extra special something, to kitting them out in their finest attire, there's a lot of choices to be made. And endless options to choose from. 

Our Head Buyer, Dina Moon - who, along with her team brings our beautiful collections to life - has been making her list and checking it twice for quite some time now.

Sharing some insight into life at home, where she lives with her husband and three sons, Dina tells us ...

“With three boys of my own to buy for, it’s really important for me to get ahead and I try my best not to fall into the trap of last minute shopping. I’m regularly travelling for my job, which means lots of time spent away from home, dashing from meeting to meeting. I simply can’t afford not to plan.”

She's more than ahead of the game when it comes to our Childrensalon Christmas collection. To make things a little simpler, Dina shares with us her tips for fancy-free festive shopping, plus some of her favourite gifts, available to buy online now. 


6 Oct 2022

Dina Says ...

"Get them writing their lists well in advance and know what you want ahead of time. Online shopping makes it so much easier these days to be able to shop for multiple people at once. We also now have the advantage of adding things to our baskets and creating wishlists so it gives us a chance to go away and think about what we want and come back to it.
Do though, always keep your eye on last order and shipping dates so you don’t get caught out.

As for my top Childrensalon picks, read on to see some of our most coveted, tried and trusted gift options for the youngest members of the family..."

1. A Fancy Frock

Gucci - Голубое платье из тюля с принтом GG для девочек | ChildrensalonGucci
1 460,00 £
Lapin House - Красное платье из бархата и тюля для девочек | ChildrensalonLapin House

123,00 £

73,80 £

Patachou - Зеленое платье с оборками для девочек | ChildrensalonPatachou

80,00 £

40,00 £



"Dress them to impress with a fabulous party dress to see them through the season. This velvet dress by Mayoral is such a pretty shade of green, which naturally makes it feel festive, yet is still perfectly wearable after the big day. Another major plus point is the long sleeves which means it can be worn without a cardigan. Lastly, why I really love this is that it's such a great price and can be machine washed time and time and time again between parties."

2. A Seasonal Knit

KENZO KIDS - Синий свитер с белыми медведями для мальчиков | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS

131,00 £

65,50 £

MC2 Saint Barth - Красный вязаный джемпер с Микки Маусом | ChildrensalonMC2 Saint Barth

148,00 £

88,80 £

MARC JACOBS - Розовый вязаный свитер для девочек | ChildrensalonMARC JACOBS

89,00 £

44,50 £

Joules - Синий свитер с оленем | ChildrensalonJoules
30,00 £


"What used to be a novelty item has now become a staple wardrobe piece for the festive season! Anyone with a school age child will know that a Christmas jumper is a must, even just for the one day they wear them to school. In this day and age we're all really conscious with what we buy, so as a tip why not size up one or two sizes so that it lasts? The oversized look is also really cool - and comfortable. A festive knit doesn't have to be covered in Christmas trees and snow - my top pick is this jumper from Stella McCartney Kids with embroidered appliqué mountains and stars. The bright neon colours make it fresh and super-modern."

3. The Perfect Party Shoes

Romano - Зеленые бархатные лоферы | ChildrensalonRomano
50,00 £
Gucci - Красные туфли-балетки GG | ChildrensalonGucci
220,00 £
Fendi - Коричневые слипоны для подростков | ChildrensalonFendi

390,00 £

234,00 £



"The festive season is the perfect excuse for a new pair of party shoes - from discos to Christmas day and not to forget NYE, these gold sparkly trainers by Dolce & Gabbana are worth their weight in gold! What I love about these in particular is that they are not just pretty, but comfortable, which is top of the wishlist for kids. When party season is over, these will last into the new year and beyond for birthday parties or simply to add a bit of sparkle to everyday outfits."

4. Top Toys For Tots

My 1st Years - Персонализированный деревянный верстак | ChildrensalonMy 1st Years
95,00 £
Bam Bam - Деревянная пирамида-медвежонок (13см) | ChildrensalonBam Bam
23,00 £
Liewood - Деревянная игрушечная касса (24см) | ChildrensalonLiewood
56,00 £
My 1st Years - Персонализированный деревянный фермерский домик | ChildrensalonMy 1st Years
36,00 £


"There's something really special about traditional wooden toys. Not only are they fun for baby to play with and are strong enough to survive tiny teeth marks, they make really great keepsake gifts. When they're no longer playing with them, box them up to keep for future nostalgia or why not display them on a nursery shelf to add a touch of tradition to your decor. 
People are always surprised to find we have toys at Childrensalon, however, over the last couple of years, our stock has grown and grown. My top pick for this Christmas is this cute personalised xylophone by My 1st Years. They do personalised gifts so well."

5. Smart Slacks

Mayoral - Красные узкие брюки для мальчиков | ChildrensalonMayoral

25,00 £

17,50 £

Gucci - Бежевые шерстяные брюки для мальчиков-подростков | ChildrensalonGucci
420,00 £
Polo Ralph Lauren - Бежевые брюки чинос для мальчиков-подростков | ChildrensalonPolo Ralph Lauren

89,00 £

53,40 £

Patachou - Синие вельветовые брюки для мальчиков | ChildrensalonPatachou

37,00 £

22,20 £



"As a mum of boys I know only too well how hard it is to get them out of jeans, even when it’s a special occasion! I’ve chosen these cool tartan trousers by Patachou -  as if any time is a good time for them to break the mould it’s Christmas. Tartan is most definitely one of the most festive fabrics. These trousers look great with a shirt and bow tie, however, they can be worn with a jumper or sweatshirt to dress them down.

Patachou is such a lovely brand - we always work closely with them on every collection and the quality and finish on their products is second to none."

6. Christmas Pyjamas

Magnolia Baby - Белая пижама из хлопка пима | ChildrensalonMagnolia Baby

36,00 £

21,60 £

Beau KiD - Красный комплект с пижамой | ChildrensalonBeau KiD
65,00 £
Mini Lunn - Красная нарядная пижама для мальчиков | ChildrensalonMini Lunn
30,00 £
Hatley - Кремовая новогодняя пижама из хлопка | ChildrensalonHatley

32,00 £

19,20 £



"I don't think there's a more classic gift for Christmas than pyjamas (except of course socks!). Whether bought as a stocking filler, to go in their Christmas Eve box, or worn to keep them cosy (and fast asleep) the night before, what's so great about festive pyjamas is that they're always worn inside the house, so don't have to just be for Christmas. Who cares if they're sporting a Rudolf nose right through until summer? For this reason, why not go all out with candy canes, reindeer and all the festive trimmings?
On another note, most of the present opening happens as soon as they get up, so their pyjama game needs to be on point for the family pics. This pair from Peter Rabbit™ by Childrensalon is available exclusively online at Childrensalon, and it's impossible to find anyone who doesn't love Beatrix Potter's cheeky little rabbit."

All images by Childrensalon

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