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Little Elf's First Christmas | Little Storytellers

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Meet Little Elf: the tiny, knitted toy who sits in the library every December, listening to festive stories and watching the children enjoy the magic of Christmas. But all Little Elf has ever wanted was to see a real Christmas tree. Will his dream come true?

2 Dec 2021

Little Elf's First Christmas | Little Storytellers

Christmas is a magical time! Neighbours smile, carollers sing, and frosted windows shine with the festive glow of twinkly lights. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year, thought Little Elf. If you were to look for Little Elf, you’d find him perched on top of a wooden ladder, in a library as old as the town it was in, knitted in colourful soft wool.

One winter’s morning, Little Elf looked on fondly as Mr Kringle the librarian reached for his other favourite decoration: an embroidered picture of a Christmas tree, handmade by Mrs Kringle as the library was too small for a real one. Little Elf sighed. Oh, how he wished he could see a real-life Christmas tree. Just once. As the festivities filled the library, the time came for Mrs Kringle’s annual storytelling afternoon: a tradition they shared each Christmas. Every year, Little Elf sat quietly and listened to the kids talk about their Christmas plans. “My dad is going to bake cookies!”, “I’m going ice skating!”, “We’re going to decorate our tree!”. Little Elf was left with a funny feeling, a bit happy but a bit sad too. He loved Christmas with all his heart, and he loved the library. But Little Elf longed to see a real tree in a real home — a real Christmas where books weren’t his only friends.

Children of all ages piled into the library and sat on the floor surrounding a jolly Mrs Kringle. This year’s story was an exciting adventure about a plucky Christmas dinosaur. Little Elf enjoyed it very much! Eventually, the sun went to bed which meant it was home time . . . and time to close the library for Christmas. Parents said their goodbyes to the much-loved librarian and his wife, the lights switched off one by one, and Mr Kringle closed the big wooden door to a now dark and quiet library. Just as Little Elf was about to let out a big sigh, he heard the door creak open. Mr Kringle scurried back in, reaching for the tiny, knitted elf! “What are you doing?” called out Mrs Kringle. “I’m bringing Little Elf home this year, we can sit him on the tree!” replied Mr Kringle cheerily.

It's your turn to finish Little Elf’s adventure!

- What does Mr and Mrs Kringle’s tree look like? And what does Little Elf do when he sees it for the first time?
- Who else is coming to Little Elf’s first Christmas?
- Why don’t you draw Little Elf? We’d love to see what he looks like — don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #CSBookCorner

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