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The Ultimate Guide to Baby Sleepsuits and Sleeping Bags

Finding the right baby sleepsuit for your little one can be pretty tricky. There are many choices out there and babies grow quickly so sizing can be an issue too. We've put together this guide to help you understand how to choose the best sleepsuit for your baby and a little more about how sizing works.


Ensuring your baby is comfortable at night is a parent’s top priority so choosing a sleepsuit over a pyjama set makes sense when your children are very young as sleepsuits stay on and in place – they cannot be wriggled out of. Depending on the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in, you can layer up with body vests and baby sleeping bags if you need to.

26 Nov 2021

What is a baby sleepsuit?

Sleepsuits are like onesies for babies. They're a cosy little pouch of comfort for your baby to sleep in, ensuring warmth and comfort throughout the night. They are a popular choice for babies and toddlers because they can't be kicked off at night, which means that baby stays warm and safe. The snug cocoon of a sleepsuit is also a wonderful signal to baby that it is bedtime.


Many people get confused between baby sleepsuits and babygrows, but really, they're the same thing. Babysuit is the generic name, while babygrow is an American brand of suits. We love the beautiful patterns on the sleepsuits by My Little Pie and Kissy Kissy – two popular brands using super soft and stretch cotton to ensure your baby has the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Baby Sleepsuits

Ralph Lauren - Blue Cotton Dog Babygrow | ChildrensalonRalph Lauren



Marie-Chantal - White Festive Babygrow Set | ChildrensalonMarie-Chantal
Babidu - Grey & White Cotton Babygrow | ChildrensalonBabidu



BOSS Kidswear - Blue Striped Cotton Babygrow | ChildrensalonBOSS Kidswear



Kissy Kissy - Beige Pima Cotton Babygrow | ChildrensalonKissy Kissy
Moschino - Pink & Ivory Babygrows (2 Pack) | ChildrensalonMoschino



My Little Pie - Supima Cotton Crocs Babygrow | ChildrensalonMy Little Pie



Do babies wear anything under the sleepsuit?

This depends on the temperature in the room. In colder months, you might want to get some bodyvests for the baby to wear under the sleepsuit. This will ensure that the baby is as warm as possible. For temperatures above 27 degrees, just a vest and nappy without the sleepsuit will do the trick.


Do babies need to wear socks with sleepsuits?

The great thing about sleepsuits is they will cover the baby's feet so there’s no need for fiddly socks that are easily pushed off by little ones.

How do you pick the right size for a baby sleepsuit?

Your baby's sleepsuit should have a little wiggle room for your baby to move freely during the night. The baby's feet should reach towards the bottom of the suit, leaving a little space if needed.


It would be best if you avoid buying a sleepsuit that is too big. Your baby's head should not be able to slip through the neck hole when the suit is fastened. It would help if you bought a suit that corresponds with your child's age and no bigger.

Baby sleeping bags

In some climates a sleepsuit will be enough for your baby to sleep in soundly at night, particularly in warmer climates and during hot seasons. However, in cooler climates more layers might be needed. You can layer a sleepsuit with a bodyvest or use a baby sleeping bag as a safe way to keep your baby at the ideal temperature throughout the night. Baby sleeping bags fasten at the shoulders and around the side so that baby can’t wriggle out of them, keeping them perfectly warm. 


Tartine et Chocolat have a gorgeous range of padded baby sleeping bags offering a soft and cosy cocoon for your baby to rest within. We also have super soft muslin sleeping bags by aden + anais for a lighter option in the warmer months.

Baby sleeping bags

aden + anais - Cotton Muslin Sleep Bag (1 Tog) | Childrensalonaden + anais
Petit Bateau - White Hearts Sleeping Bag | ChildrensalonPetit Bateau

Discover our collection for the perfect night's sleep

Ensure your baby is perfectly comfortable and warm when they rest with our extensive range of baby sleepsuits and baby sleeping bags here at Childrensalon.

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