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Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Unless you live in the mountains or a ski resort, the chance of heading off to other parts of the world for some winter recreational activities this year is slim. For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, we are however, entering winter, where the weather is unpredictable and temperatures plummet. 

To give us an idea of the best wardrobe essentials to buy kids for winter, we thought who better than @corrimcfadden Corri McFadden, who lives in the International ski resort of Aspen, Colorado, USA.

In December and January, temperatures in Aspen can fall as low as -15 °C and snow can fall at any time between September to June. 

Not only does Corri know the best clothing for winter outdoor activities, she's used to the freezing, snowy conditions and knowing what to buy for daughter Zelda to last the season. Below Corri lists her five top tips.

3 Nov 2020

Corri says....

"When you live in a ski town, your winter essentials are key to a fun, happy and successful season. From skiing to sledding, outdoor activities are a daily where we live, and that calls for preparation at the top of the season to make sure we are ready for any activity. It's always important to get dressed, not only for style (trust me, it's #1 typically on our list), but the function is most important; if you are wet or cold, the day is ruined. Each winter when selecting our winter ski and outdoor wear, I have a few tips I follow that have never failed."

1. Prepare

The weather is changing quickly as the fall season winds down and we've already had a snow day here in Aspen! Make sure you are prepared for the weather so your time outside is filled with smiles. 

2. Base layers are key to keeping warm

Merino wool is key to a great base layer along with a snug fit. We always get a couple of pairs of our favourites each season, so you are never stuck trying to dig them out of the laundry when you have a snow-filled weekend. Zelda loves Joha thermal tops and bottoms for keeping warm. 

Layer Up

Joha - Violettes Oberteil aus Thermowolle und Seide | ChildrensalonJoha

26,00 £

13,00 £

Joha - Elfenbeinfarbene gerippte Thermowoll-Socken | ChildrensalonJoha
11,00 £

3. Dry feet are happy feet

Don't forget you will most likely need a new pair of snow boots every season while their feet are growing. For boots, they should be easy to get on and off by themselves, have a comfortable and waterproof sole and be warm. We choose these silver Naturino boots because they checked every box. 

4. Pick a bold and fun print

I like to pick a bold and fun print so it's always easy to spot Zelda on the mountain. Get something they are excited to wear and keeps them highly visible, warm, and fashionable. This season, we went with the Frugi Ski Salopettes paired back with a bold floral print Frugi Ski Coat that Zelda selected herself.

5. Mittens are your BFF

Did you know that mittens are warmer than gloves? I personally had no idea until we moved to Colorado and learned all the tricks to staying warm. Your fingers generate more heat when they are together rather than separated. These matching Frugi ski mittens are fleece lined with black textured, polyurethane coating palms that are great for gripping poles while skiing. 

All images by @corrimcfadden

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