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The Complete Guide to Mayoral | The Brand, Styling and Sizing

From humble beginnings to international success, Mayoral is an affordable designer brand that dresses children beautifully. Since its inception, Mayoral has become an iconic brand that has provided families across the world with the best of Spanish fashion.

Read on to discover who Mayoral are, what makes them unique and why their clothing will make a beautiful addition to your child's wardrobe. 

5 Oct 2021

“The importance of going far is remembering where you came from” - Mayoral

The History of Mayoral

Mayoral’s story began in 1941 as a family-run business producing socks and tights, known as ‘Dominguez Toledo’. By the early 1970’s, the family business looked to build upon its modest origins through the creation of ‘Mayoral Moda Infantil’, a childrenswear company that we all know and love today. 

Since its establishment, Mayoral has continued to grow and has achieved a commercial presence in over 100 countries, opened 230 stores worldwide and produces 3000 different styles for children each year. Recently celebrating their 80th anniversary, Mayoral has become the leading brand for childrenswear in the Iberian Peninsula and represents Spanish fashion globally.

An image from 1960, in Mayoral's original factory, which produced socks and stockings. The factory was based in Malaga and has now evolved into an international fashion brand for children.

What makes Mayoral unique?

What makes Mayoral unique is the brand's personality. Under the slogan ‘Making Friends’, Mayoral balances their continued success with a focus on social and ethical responsibilities. While Mayoral’s main objective is to “create high quality garments at the best possible price”, the brand also commits itself to multiple principles for local communities and the globe.


Mayoral and their efforts towards Sustainability

Firstly, their commitment to sustainability. The company has adopted multiple eco-friendly policies which aim to drive sustainability and lower pollution produced by the brand. For example, by 2025, Mayoralaims to have 50% of its collections containing eco-friendly fabrics. So far, 20% of the company's collections include sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and recycled fibres. Not only that, but Mayoral also takes sustainable action. For example, the company has reduced plastic waste by using recycled plastics, sustainable packaging and optimising internal resources through using assets, such as solar panels and LED lighting.

Alongside their sustainability efforts, Mayoral has a commitment to their staff, suppliers and society. For instance, Mayoral works with suppliers with similar values and holds them to the brand’s strict code of conduct, which includes the suppliers’ impact on the environment and commitment to quality work conditions. 

Since its humble beginning, Mayoral has become more than just a fashion distributor. Instead, they give their customers a chance to be a part of their journey towards a sustainable future in the fashion industry, whilst delivering timeless and affordable fashion for children along the way. 


An image of a girl and boy from Mayoral's Spring Summer 1992 collection.

Left image: from S/S 1992 
Right image: from A/W 2021

The Mayoral Style

As one of the leading voices in Spanish fashion, Mayoral has developed a modern but subtle style that expresses playfulness and individuality. Read on to discover the Mayoral style, our top picks and inspiration for the next addition to your child's wardrobe collection.


A photo of eight children wearing Mayoral Kids Clothes in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Mayoral Girls

The Mayoral girl’s collection is perfect for those who like to mix and match to find their own style.

Mayoral - Blaue Jeansjacke für Mädchen  | ChildrensalonMayoral
51,00 £
Mayoral - Rotes geblümtes Viskosekleid | ChildrensalonMayoral
37,00 £
Mayoral - Trainingsanzug in Blau und Beige (3-teilig) | ChildrensalonMayoral
47,00 £

Mayoral Boys

Including a mixture of bright, casual and subtle designs, our Mayoral boy's collection provides versatility to your child's wardrobe.


Mayoral - Blauschwarzer Steppmantel (J) | ChildrensalonMayoral
51,00 £
Mayoral - Blaue Jogger-Fit-Jeans für Jungen | ChildrensalonMayoral
27,00 £
A young boy wearing a Mayoral boys coat. Mayoral is a Spanish fashion brand that is sold at Childrensalon.

Baby Accessories

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, Mayoral’s range of unisex baby care accessories are must-haves when looking after your baby. Designed with luxury in mind, Mayoral baby accessories are subtle and modern, allowing you to take your baby out with style.  

Discover our collection of Mayoral baby accessories at Childrensalon.

Mayoral Baby Boy

Embrace your baby boy’s playful side with a selection of fun prints and comfortable fabrics for all occasions. Discover Mayoral baby boy.


Toddler Boy wearing Mayoral clothing for kids, standing in a field smiling.
Mayoral - Blaue Strickjacke mit Reißverschluss (J) | ChildrensalonMayoral
34,00 £
Mayoral - Trainingsanzug in Grün und Blau (3-teilig) | ChildrensalonMayoral
37,00 £

Mayoral Baby Girl

Featuring vibrant colours and adorable designs, our Mayoral baby girl collection allows you to find something different for any occasion.

Mayoral Clothing Sizes

What about sizing? Nothing is worse than ordering online for your clothes to arrive smaller or bigger than you imagined. To avoid this disappointment, head to the product page of the item you’re looking for, where you will find a ‘help with size’ button, which will list sizes specific to the product selected. Fortunately, Mayoral clothing is mostly accurate with its sizing for newborns, babies, and juniors. However, if between sizes, we would recommend that you size up.


Responsible fashion

At Childrensalon, we take pride in offering you the best childrenswear fashion labels and believe Mayoral is one of a kind. With a varied selection of playful yet timeless designs, Mayoral clothing offers you premium fashion at an affordable price that has been produced responsibly and ethically. By purchasing from Mayoral, you’re not only putting a smile on your child’s face, but you also become a part of the brand’s journey towards further sustainability and responsibility in the fashion industry.

Like Mayoral, Childrensalon also takes pleasure in delivering smiles across the world with each package that we ship. That’s why we stock over 1000 Mayoral products in all different shapes, sizes and designs to ensure you find the perfect item for your child. Discover more of our Mayoral collection at Childrensalon, including Mayoral Baby, Mayoral Boy and Mayoral Girl.


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