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Styling Emporio Armani’s AW'21 Collection | Top picks from @sohamt

Fashion powerhouse, Armani, was established in 1974, almost 50 years ago. Heralding from Italy, the label is now one of the most widely recognised fashion brands in the world with fans across the globe. In 1979, Giorgio Armani designed his first childrenswear line and, two years later, launched the more affordable lines of Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans which continue to be incredibly popular today.

With clothes for newborn babies, toddlers, teens and everyone in-between, their collection offers timeless style with logos and prints the brand is famed for. Emporio Armani have just released their new collection for the cooler seasons so we took the opportunity to talk to Soha of @sohamt where we asked her to pick and style three looks from the latest collection and tell her what she loves so much about the iconic designer. 

20 Oct 2021

Soha says...

I think Armani as a brand is iconic because they truly go back decades when making a name in fashion was not easy. Their “power suits” remain one of the most timeless pieces over the years. We all know the empire of Armani is here to stay forever!

Their AW'21 collection is beautiful to me because they just designed everything I actually want my babies to wear, from beanies to shoes. I love that the whole collection is kid friendly – comfortable yet so cute. I would say the key pieces for my kids are definitely a white T-shirt, black sweats and a bag (bags are so important to my son). For my baby girl, definitely onesies and diaper bags.

Nusi my three year old boy loves to play, run and do anything physical, so I always like to dress him in comfortable yet stylish loungewear, especially sweatpants. And I really think they look so good on him.

It's so hard to pick a style for my baby girl, Tia because everything girly is so adorable and I want to dress her in the whole collection! But I’d say her style so far is simple and I mostly dress her in neutral colors to match her skin tone. 

Emporio Armani - Weißes Baumwoll-Polokleid für Mädchen | ChildrensalonEmporio Armani
100,00 £


Nusi - I styled his Armani sweatpants with a white shirt and a bomber vest. I think the vest added a really cool vibe to the whole look. I also love the little logos on the white shirt collar and, to complete the look, he wore black and white sneakers with Armani logos.


Tia - Her white dress is just so beautiful, comfortable and simple – exactly what I love to see her wearing.

Look 2 | Casual Comfort


Nusi - For Nusi, I've chosen a tracksuit in my favourite color, army green, and i wanted to add a beanie because winter is coming and I love how it completes the look! Makes him look so cool.

Tia - I've picked the cutest onesie in beige and these little embroidery details are so beautiful!

Emporio Armani - Beiger Strampler aus Baumwolljersey | ChildrensalonEmporio Armani
160,00 £
Emporio Armani - Beigefarbene Baumwolldecke (78 cm) | ChildrensalonEmporio Armani
105,00 £

Look 3 | White Tee & Jeans


Nusi -  I would describe this style here as his everyday outfit. A really simple T-shirt and comfy denim, and of course a bag full of his toys!

Tia -  Another onesie for my baby girl Tia because they’re just comfortable and cute and no accessories needed!

All images by @sohamt

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