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Mother's Day | Mini-Me Style

Mother's day orginated as a religious celebration back in the 16th century and is customarily acknowledged on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This year, Mothering Sunday falls on 22nd March. Traditionally a day to honour all mother's in the family, in modern society it's a way of celebrating the concept of motherhood, maternal bonds and women in society. The relationship between mother and daughter is for many one of the most important relationships in a female's life.  

Fascinatingly scientists have given an additional theory as to why the bond is so strong - research has shown that the part of the brain responsible for emotions, namely empathy, is more similar in mothers and daughters over any other family dynamic. This is the reason why more often than not, girls choose to turn to their mums over anyone else when they need emotional support and advice. 

17 Mar 2020


In the month that celebrated International women's day, this mother's day we're honouring the bond between mums and their little mini-me daughters. We caught up with super-stylish lifestyle bloggers and mums Coral @coral_pearl_ and Cyran @corporatestylestory to discuss what they love the most about being a mother and how their personal style is emulated by their daughters Ava, Sufi and Poppy. 

"Any excuse to coordinate our outfits and I’m in!" - Coral 


What's your favourite thing about being a mum?
My favourite thing about being a mum has to be the love that you receive on a daily basis - the cuddles, the smiles and hearing the kind words. It's such a rewarding feeling that we receive at the end of each day when they go to sleep and you can reflect back on all the special moments and know that we get another chance to do it all again tomorrow.

Do you apply the same principles to your wardrobes when shopping for clothes? Do you consciously dress the girls in the same style as yourself?
Yes I do apply the same principles when it comes to our clothes - I believe in buying quality over quantity and would rather them have more of a capsule wardrobe where you can mix pieces that I know will wear well, wash well and then one day be passed down! Environmentally I feel that this is also really important to consider for both our wardrobes. I do find myself picking out clothes for the girls that I would be drawn towards myself without a doubt! 

What made you choose this outfit for Ava and Sufi? How is it similar to yours and where would you wear this?
I chose these outfits as I thought they would work for any special occasion throughout spring and summer. Just perfect for a wedding or summer party - these dresses are so floaty with such a gentle floral print and I think we will be wearing these a lot over the next season.


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"To put it out there to little girls and certainly my daughter - we belong both in the suit, as we do the dress!" - Cyan


What's your favourite thing about being a mum?
Being a mother makes me a better person all round. It’s a steep learning curve, but definitely the most fun learning ever. Seeing how much she is learning and becoming her own person with her own interests, it’s amazing to watch and makes me so proud of her.
As a first-time parent, you have to do things you’ve never done before, make decisions you’ve never even considered before and you’re also responsible for keeping this little person safe and healthy and happy - so the learning curve is steep!
Poppy quite literally brings out the best in me, she is so funny and so considerate, I just love spending time with her doing anything she’s interested in, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a walk in the park, but I would choose motherhood over anything.

Do you apply the same principles to your wardrobes when shopping for clothes? Do you consciously dress Poppy in the same style as yourself?
We do a bit of both. If I know I’ve got a pair of leather leggings and a leather jacket in my wardrobe for example, I will deliberately look for things that I have in her size and before I know it I have a whole outfit that is exactly the same. Other times, I have put on jeans and a white tee and I’ve put her in jeans and a white long-sleeve or something, most of the time it's accidental and I don’t realise until I’ve taken a picture and posted it on stories and a follower comments that we’re twinning!

What made you choose this outfit for Poppy? How is it similar to yours and where would you wear this?
Poppy is expressing herself a lot through her clothes nowadays so telling her what to wear is getting more challenging, but she really likes us dressing the same, so I try to twin as often as possible. Usually, on the weekends, I dress a lot more casually than during the week as I’m not in the office, meetings or events. Finding this Stella McCartney Kids suit was a perfect look for Poppy, I knew she’d love it because she sees me wear suits all the time for work and I haven’t seen anything like it for girls in her size before but I expect no less of McCartney! I paired it with trainers, but I wanted it to be practical for a six year old, still playful.
We tend to dress girls in a very ‘girly’ way; florals, varying shades of bubble-gum pink, poufy dresses, but this very cool, blush suit reminds me that women can wear the trousers and still be feminine. I certainly do both. I am in a very male dominated industry and I need to be taken seriously, but I want to show up as I am, I’m not trying to be one of the men. You can be whatever you want, don’t let anyone tell you any differently.


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