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Favourite pieces from iDO's latest collection | @takkies7

Well-loved Childrensalon brand, iDO, is known for its fun designs and quality fabric. The Italian fashion house focuses on comfort and style, making it a popular choice for parents. From sweet prints to matching outfit sets and party clothes, the iDO collection has something for everyone.

With the launch of their latest collection, we spoke to Nkateko Dinwiddy of @takkies7 to discover what she loves most about the Italian brand, the best things about the label’s new collection and which pieces she has chosen for her two daughters, Sana and Suri.

20 Oct 2021

Nkateko says...

Italian designer iDO offers a wide range of stylish, comfortable and smart clothing for all occasions, for both boys and girls from birth to 16 years. I was really happy when I saw that the full iDO collection was available at Childrensalon. Being a busy mom of two girls aged one and three, the convenience of being able to shop for fashionable pieces that work for my style, their style and their ages from the same store is a must for me. 

When I first looked at iDO I was impressed with their stunning pieces for the big ones and the little ones. The first thing that stood out for me though with the new iDO collection for autumn and winter is how each piece is tailored for different occasions; something for casual, something for smart, something for chilled days. There's a wide range of choices for me and the girls based on what is happening during the day.

What do you love most about each of the outfits you picked for Sana & Suri?

I’m actually that mom who absolutely loves to match or coordinate my girls outfits all the time and I appreciate how this collection caters to that. There's something really cute about siblings in matching outfits. I believe in spreading positivity and teaching my girls positive affirmations from a young age is so important to help them be the best versions of themselves.

Some of the pieces have beautiful sayings on them like ‘and now sparkle’ which is a great way to start a conversation on the theme and to boost their confidence. There are different ways of teaching our little ones – even through clothing with positive text or fun characters. Both my girls are drawn to characters and textures and will pick these types of clothes when choosing their own outfits which is another reason I like the iDO ranges – finding fun, colourful outfits for them makes them happy and makes my life easier when dressing them in the morning.

iDO are known for their beautiful, quality fabrics. What is it you like so much about the fabric choices?

When it comes to children’s clothing, comfort is so important. I love how soft the fabric feels against the skin which makes it comfortable for the girls to run around and play freely. It’s also really easy for the girls to get dressed in the clothes which is a huge help when getting ready.

The collection is very versatile and the pieces you’ve chosen are ideal for transitioning from autumn to winter. How do you plan to style these individual pieces with other items for the colder seasons?

The pieces I’ve chosen are well styled with a great neck line that allows me to add a vest or long sleeve top underneath as the weather gets colder. They also work seamlessly with a cute warm jacket, gloves and a scarf to finish off their winter look.

iDO Baby - Wende-Baumwollkleid mit Pailletten | ChildrensaloniDO Baby

40,00 £

28,00 £

iDO Baby - Rosa Trainingsanzug mit Pailletten (M) | ChildrensaloniDO Baby

40,00 £

32,00 £

All images by @takkies7

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