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Kenzo Kids | The Iconic Kenzo Logo

Luxury French designer brand Kenzo was founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. One of the first big Japanese designers on the scene, Kenzo has always been innovative in its creations. Kenzo Takada's unique visual identity has remained strong throughout its 50 year history – from the mix of different prints and colours to the distinctive use of the Kenzo Paris logo. 

The logo is a big part of Kenzo's clothing collections each season, artfully weaving it into their East meets West aesthetic. 
With a recent change to their original logo of 50 years just last year, we look at how Kenzo cleverly incorporates it into their designs and continuing themes – either as a fresh, new pattern or a reimagining of the original lettering in a unique, new way. 



10 Nov 2021

Welcome to the jungle | Kenzo's jungle theme

The 'Jungle' theme has become a constant throughout the decades and is reimagined season after season – especially prevalent within the Kenzo Kids' childrenswear collections as the animal theme lends so well.
Whilst living in Paris at the start of his career, Kenzo was intrigued by the works of famous French painter Henri Rosseau (1844-1910). One painting in particular, The Dream - depicting a jungle flora and fauna scene - inspired the concept for his first store, named Jungle Jap. He painted the walls with a floral jungle mural which became his trade mark theme alongside a new, simpler name - Kenzo. The Kenzo Kids brand came along much later in 2006 - read more about the history of the Kenzo brand. 


The iconic Tiger logo, conceived in 2013, has become an imperative part of the company's jungle heritage and is instantly recognisable to the brand. In recent years, The house of Kenzo have introduced additional animals alongside the tiger, such as the elephant on this Red Elephant Sweatshirt that is a reimagination of the embroidered wild cat mascot. Elements of the original flora and fauna can be seen within abstract patterns season after season. This Boys Quilted Blue Zip-Up Top clearly takes inspiration from the print and colours of Kenzo's original mural and the pattern on this Girls Grey & Pink Leggings Set gives a fresh, modern take on the jungle theme with its clean, graphic print of elephants, tigers, giraffes and zebras. 

Kenzo's AW21 abstract logo print

Kenzo's unique use of their logo is reimagined every season, incorporating it into a new pattern or cleverly using the letters in a fresh, innovative way. This season's cool, letter print subtly displays the brand logo in monogram shapes to create an abstract print that's sporty and urban in design. 




The new Kenzo Logo

The original Kenzo Paris logo has remained almost unchanged for its entire 50-year history. In the early 2010s, the introduction of the now-iconic Kenzo Tiger mascot showed a tiger's head and the words "Kenzo" and "Paris" and most famously featured on their Kenzo Tiger sweatshirts. 2020 was the year that saw the most significant change to the logos' lettering. The bold rectangular letters, noticeable for their black and white lines, were replaced by solid blocks, designed - in their own words - as a "construction game". Sleek and simple in its appearance, the 'K' has an intentional right-pointing arrow. Usually shown in monochrome black or white, the bold, solid letters can change to compliment the colour palette or the garment. This new logo, designed to celebrate the arrival of new Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista, marks a new chapter for the brand.

All Images by Kenzo Kids unless otherwise stated

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