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Designer Coats for Boys: The 2021 Winter Essential Collection

With chilly autumn underway and an even harsher winter on the horizon, it's essential that you equip your child appropriately when they venture outdoors. The best way to ensure kids are protected from the elements is to provide them with a weatherproof coat that is specifically designed to keep them warm and comfortable at all times.

So, where do you start? From puffer jackets to pea coats, there is a wide selection of coats to choose from that all have their own benefits when it comes to shielding your child from the cold. However, protecting your child does not have to come at the expense of style or fashion. As seen in our winter 2021 collection, designer coats can be fun, smart, and highly versatile, allowing you to dress them for any occasion whilst keeping them prepared for unpredictable weather. 

28 Oct 2021

What to look for in a winter coat

When looking for a suitable coat for the autumn and winter months, you should look for a few key features, such as coat linings, padding, water resistance, and fastenings. These are essential features to consider as factors such as fleece lining, and insulated padding will help determine how warm the coat will be when worn outdoors. Additionally, looking at overall water resistance, the material it is made out of, and the types of fastenings can help determine how weatherproof the coat is and what kind of weather it will best protect your child from. For example, a 100% polyester coat will have greater water resistance benefits than a coat that is more focused on insulation through padding.

Keeping up with the latest fashion can be time-consuming with little ones running around, so we would like to provide you with our top 5 go-to boys coats and jacket styles for winter 2021 and our favourites to help inspire your boys next outerwear addition.

Top 5 Winter Coat Styles for Boys

1. Puffer Jackets


An unexpected boom in popularity has hit 2021 with the return of the puffer jacket; its comfortable and multi-faceted benefits have become a must-have for the winter months ahead. Puffer jackets are waterproof, warm, and practically act as an acceptable public duvet for your boy’s outerwear, making them perfect for all occasions. Alongside these features, the puffer jacket boasts a versatile, lightweight style that can be paired with anything from joggers, jeans and chinos. 

A favourite from our collection is the Tommy Hilfiger, teen boy’s green puffer jacket, a lightweight and practical puffer jacket that is partnered with a snug hood that will keep your child protected from all weathers. This particular designer jacket provides warmth through insulating fibres which have been inserted in each finely stitched puff. With the jacket’s naturally sleek and stylish look, your child will be prepared for anything. Whether it be cold, rain, or snow, this is a style piece to note when choosing your boy’s next winter wear jacket.


Whether you are on a winter family walk or are looking for an innovative and casual back-to-school look, the gilet is a timeless classic. Commonly equipped with padding similar to a puffer jacket, gilets provide warmth, comfort, and mobility within a neat style that can be worn for smart and casual occasions. We recommend styling gilets with a warm jumper, pair of chinos and loafers that will complete the smart-casual look gilets help emphasis so well. Make sure to check out our collection of gilets to find the perfect fit for your boy this season.

Our vibrant red & blue fleece logo gilet by Marc Jacobs is perfect for all activities from exploring the great outdoors to special occasions with the family. This jacket is perfect for those looking for a more free flowing coat that does restrict body movement and can be easily adjusted as temperatures change. Highly favoured for its warmth and versatility during colder months, the sleeveless arms allow for additional layering to be applied depending on the weather, allowing you to keep your child prepared for all weathers.

3. Parka Coats


The parka is a trendy and reliable coat that can be styled effortlessly with any outfit whatever the occasion. Longer than other coats, parka jackets are generally water repellent and do well at protecting your child from harsh winds, ensuring they are kept warm at all times. The parka is at its best in colder conditions and is our go-to coat for keeping your little boy warm and snuggly this winter. Make sure to check out our collection of parka coats to find your childs new favourite coat.

Our favourite is the Timberland black logo parka, a cool and sleek coat that can keep your child warm in the coldest conditions. Made from polyester and lined with polar fleece lining, this parka offers warmth and weather resistance at no expense to style. For additional comfort, Timberlands parka offers front pouch pockets lined with fleece for that extra cosy feeling. This coat can also be fastened with both a zip and poppers, that helps maintain its neat fit whilst protecting your child from cold winds.  To top it off, the most fantastic thing about this parker is its simplicity and minimal design and the fact they never go out of fashion.


If you are looking for a smarter coat that does not sacrifice comfort, the pea coat is for you. The pea coat takes more of a traditional design than other coats, making it the perfect blend of style and sophistication that can compliment any outfit. In tone with its traditional style, pea coats are double-breasted in design, which offers a simple but smart look. 

A favourite from our collection is Babidu’s, boys navy blue pea coat. Whether you are looking for style or practicality, this coat provides comfort and warmth with its quilted lining that prepares your child for any chilly autumn evening. Fastened with a traditional double-breasted design and finished with crisp blue collars, this pea coat offers a sharp and effortlessly tidy look, making it ideal for special occasions and casual wear alike.

5. Raincoats


The raincoat is a wardrobe essential when dressing your child for the winter months. Made from waterproof materials, such as polyester, raincoats protect your little ones from the rain and allow them to have fun outdoors regardless of the weather. Despite the winter months bringing dull weather, brighten up your child's outerwear wardrobe with colourful and expressive raincoats from our designer raincoat collection.  

For a fun and colourful raincoat, our top pick is Hatley’s red tractor, designer raincoat. This red raincoat features an all-over green and grey tractor print that is bright, colourful, and a fun addition to any wardrobe.  Equipped with flap pockets and front popper fastenings, this coat's silky smooth PVC-free outer shell will keep your child warm and shielded during their next rainy play day, giving you peace of mind that they are warm and dry on even the wettest days this autumn and winter.

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