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Childrensalon Family Diaries | Nikki

Our staff of nearly 500 is composed of talented, ambitious, and hardworking people from all over the globe, many of whom have children themselves. With Christmas fast approaching and the unpredictability of 2020, we spoke to Nikki, our Head of Marketing, about how she is navigating the holiday season.

From crafting and making Christmas lists, to visiting friends and family, we have no doubt that each family will find their own way to make it work. We are inviting you for a glimpse inside Nikki’s family home to see how she is planning to spend her Christmas holidays.

4 Nov 2020

- Meet the Towler Family -

Nikki is the Head of Digital and Marketing here at Childrensalon and has been a part of the team since July 2019. She is from neighbouring Surrey and now lives in Kent with her family.

Nikki has two daughters, Emilia, who is six years old, and Florence, who is four years old. Some of Emilia and Florence’s favourite things to do are baking and crafting, which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. They also love making muddy potions in the garden, which is not so Christmassy but it’s still a lot of fun!

How would you usually celebrate Christmas?

We would normally get together with all our close family and friends - we’re lucky to live pretty close to most of them, and we usually manage to see them all over the holidays. There is a lot of eating, laughing, and playing games with our loved ones. The girls would usually take part in their school/preschool nativities before the schools break up for the holidays, and there are lots of Christmas events locally which ordinarily we’d attend.

This year, we have all had to adapt to a new way of life. With these changes in mind, how will you be altering your Christmas plans?

At the moment it feels like it can all change in the blink of an eye, but I’m hoping to make it as magical as possible regardless of what else is going on. We’ll decorate the tree in early December, which is always one of my favourite days. I’ve also made the girls an advent calendar this year (with less going on at the weekends I’m a little more organised!), and I’ve bought some plain brown paper for the girls to decorate as Christmas wrapping paper which is likely to be very messy, but fun! Over the holidays, I’ll plan for it just being the four of us and anything more than that is a bonus. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that if our family and loved ones are happy and healthy, then that’s all that matters.

- What to wear -

What are some of Florence and Emilia’s favourite seasonal activities?

They love baking, but possibly more so because they can taste-test along the way! Nothing beats watching a good Christmas film - my eldest loves The Grinch film, so I’ve no doubt we’ll be watching that at some point, if not more than once! They like to be little elves on Christmas Day and help hand out the presents from under the tree, so if we don’t get to see everyone this year then we may have to transform into an elf delivery service instead!

What’s at the top of their Christmas lists this year?

Florence has asked for a robot dinosaur - I have no idea where she has seen this or what exactly she is after but she is really into dinosaurs at the moment! Failing that, she is also a big fan of anything Barbie-related.

Emilia has asked for art and craft supplies - she can never have enough beads, stickers, craft kits, etc. She loves drawing, painting, and making presents for people which is lovely – long may it last!

What to wear

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