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Designer Interview | Wauw Capow by BANGBANG Copenhagen

There is fun children's wear for kids and then there’s Wauw Capow. Far from the minimalist style of their native Scandinavia, founders Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager’s philosophy has always been to design clothing inspired by the playful spirit of children. The company, originally known as BANGBANG Copenhagen was founded in 2008 by the two friends who met at The Danish Art school and soon realised they shared the same passion for children's clothing. 

Instantly recognisable by their bright, playful designs, every collection is packed full of surprises. From appliquéd faces to tactile fabrics and bold colours set against their signature monochrome prints, there's something always something fun for boys and girls. 
30 Jan 2020


What makes the brand so unique?
We often hear from parents that their children won’t take off their WAUW CAPOW clothes, as they  love them so much! This sums up our drive for creating each collection, perfectly. We've been around for more than 10 years and have created a strong universe around our designs which makes them easy to recognise. We have always been more true to our own design universe than trends that change each season. It’s a very personal process to build each collection - from the inspiration all the way to the pattern cutting. We have so much fun creating the WAUW CAPOW styles and believe you can sense the humour and personal touches in the finished products.

You were previously known as BANGBANG Copenhagen - where did the name come from and what inspired you to change it in 2018?
We changed our name to WAUW CAPOW because sometimes it feels good to do something new and unexpected. The name has changed but we are still the same team with the same DNA in our clothes and with a passion for designing kid's wear - you can never have too much WAUW or CAPOW in your life!

How would you describe the WAUW CAPOW style?

Super-cool, fun, quirky comfortable and playful  


When designing for children, what are the most important things to you?
We design to make them smile……honestly! We believe kids should be kids and not look like small adults, so we try to remember our own childhood and listen to our own children and those around us. We do our very best to create clothes that children can relate to and enjoy wearing. We would love to be the ones to make their favourite sweatshirt or dress, the one the child wears until it's two sizes too small. For every collection, we always focus on making our styles aesthetically pleasing and cool but also comfortable to wear as we believe kids should have the freedom to move and play. Our aim is to be the child’s favourite brand - the best compliments we get are always from the kids when they tell us they love our clothes. It really makes us happy to get the response directly from the kids - it’s what it's all about for us.

There has been a huge shift in recent years regarding fashion’s impact on the environment, with a responsibility for everyone from the consumer to the large organisations. How do you tackle the concept of sustainability?
The last couple of years we have been working on sustainability. All products in the WAUW CAPOW collection are produced in Europe by two, smaller family owned companies. We've been working with them for many years and have a close relationship with them to ensure the working environment is OK. A larger part of the collection is now organic the next collection and beyond will have even more products made from organic fabric. We successfully work on a no-waste policy. Most of our accessories are also made from the waste fabric that's normally thrown out in the fashion industry - in general we recycle everything possible.

What’s next for Wauw Capow?
At the moment we are working on some exciting collaborations and limited editions ........ Watch this space! 

Shop the latest collection from Wauw Capow here.

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