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Spring Break | The Vacation Checklist

Whether you’ve booked a ski trip, you’re still planning your spring break or you’re just dreaming of your next family getaway, we’ve put together all the clothes and accessories, your little ones could possibly need for their dream holiday. 

If the sound of the sea is whispering your name, then you're in luck as it's sunny all-year-round at Childrensalon, and we always have a fabulous range of beach holiday essentials.

If you prefer clocking up steps over feeling the sand between your toes, then top of the list are comfy shoes, airy clothes and a bag big enough to store all their city-break souvenirs. Last but not least, if you're heading to the hills for an alpine ski adventure, we have everything you need to make the best of fresh powder days in style. 

Scroll down for the cosiest ski suits, the best eye protection and the brightest swimwear to turn their suitcases into a stylish bag of tricks.

24 Jan 2023

Head For The Slopes

Moncler Enfant - Розовая шапка с помпоном  | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
135,00 £
Molo - Черно-белые лыжные брюки | ChildrensalonMolo
130,00 £
Bling2o - Красно-черные лыжные очки | ChildrensalonBling2o
53,00 £

Mini Mountaineers

Our extensive range of skiwear for kids ticks all the boxes in terms of being high-tech, high-vis, ultra-cosy and super cool. Not only will they look fabulous in all those snow-scene snaps, but they'll stay super warm, meaning more precious time on the slopes. We love Molo's top-to-toe digital prints of the solar system for out-of-this-world fun and Stella McCartney Kids' base layers, which not only guarantee that their skin can breathe but are a great outfit to chill out in après ski. 


Image by Molo 

Moon Boot - Короткие желтые боты | ChildrensalonMoon Boot
120,00 £
Molo - Черный зимний комбинезон | ChildrensalonMolo
125,00 £

Style in The City

KENZO KIDS - Бежевая шляпа-ведро KOTORA | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
56,00 £
Chloé - Золотисто-голубые солнцезащитные очки-авиаторы | ChildrensalonChloé
130,00 £
Mayoral - Хлопковое платье в синюю полоску | ChildrensalonMayoral
32,00 £

Culture Vultures

A mini break in the city or just a day trip to see the sights, means preparing for every eventuality. Kids will need clothes for all weathers, shoes that keep little feet comfy and protected, a constant supply of snacks and water, as well as plenty of places to store maps and museum tickets. We have so many gorgeous outfits that can be layered up or down and plenty of backpacks and water bottles to keep creature comforts close at hand.


Image by Kenzo Kids

Jacadi Paris - Синий свитшот для мальчиков | ChildrensalonJacadi Paris
39,00 £
Mayoral - Бежево-оранжевые хлопковые шорты | ChildrensalonMayoral
29,00 £

Destination Beach

Zimmermann - Оранжевый купальник с открытой спиной | ChildrensalonZimmermann
110,00 £
Mitty James - Махровые шорты из хлопка в голубую полоску | ChildrensalonMitty James
32,00 £

Shore Things

What could be better than spending sun-soaked days by the sea, watching the kids frolic on a sandy beach? As well as providing cute swimwear and cover-ups that make life as a water baby so much more enjoyable, we have smart outfits for chic beachside restaurants and all those accessories that keep kids happy and safe. Sun hats and sunglasses are definitely essentials, as are flip-flops and aqua shoes for little ones that don't like to go barefoot in the sand and sea ...


Images (above and below) by Sunuva. 

Mitty James - Белое махровое пончо с лимоном для девочек | ChildrensalonMitty James
39,00 £
Mayoral - Голубая панама и плавки-шорты (UPF40+) | ChildrensalonMayoral
22,00 £
Mini Melissa - Желтые резиновые сандалии с солнцем | ChildrensalonMini Melissa
68,00 £

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