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We Love our Planet | Top 5 Climate Change Books for Kids

Talking to your children about climate change is a great way to teach and inspire the next generation of planet pioneers. But how do you approach such an important and often worrisome topic?


Books are a fantastic tool for introducing children to the conversation, and there are so many beautifully illustrated titles out there that serve to both inspire and educate the young minds of tomorrow on the subject of climate change and sustainability.

Whether your little one is a toddler or a tween, they are sure to enjoy one of our top picks. All five are fiction books, each with an important message to share. The stories provide an accessible way to educate youngsters on the subject, and perfectly highlight why it's so important that we all play our part in taking care of the planet we call home. 

16 Apr 2024

Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts

Ages 2-5 years

A perfect way to introduce young children to the issue of plastic waste, this story follows a plastic bag named Stanley and all the creatures who swallow him without knowing how harmful a plastic bag can be to their survival. The story concludes with a little boy who saves a turtle and repurposes the plastic bag — a great opening to a conversation not only about the danger of plastic waste in our oceans but also about repurposing rubbish to make something useful.

Rocket Says Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon

Ages 2-5 years

A fun story with an important environmental message, Rocket Says Clean Up! offers its readers an insight into the damage caused by plastic pollution. Set on a Caribbean island, Rocket’s determination to clean up the land and water that has been damaged by pollution is a motivating call to action that young children can follow and be inspired by.

We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom

Ages 4-7 years


Highly acclaimed #1 New York Times Bestseller, We Are Water Protectors provides a beautiful portrayal of humanity’s relationship with Planet Eart and the oceans that sustain it. A moving story, it implores us all to do more to protect our planet. There is information at the end of the book on how to become a Water Protector and there is even a Water Protector Pledge that children can read and sign.

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

Age 10+

A deeply moving children’s book by Hannah Gold, this story is sure to touch the hearts of children and adults alike. Set in a world where pollution and damage to our precious earth has been allowed to continue, a little girl finds the last remaining polar bear. The story follows the girl’s determination to help the last bear survive, reminding us how much the planet needs us to look after it for future generations.

Melt by Ele Fountain

Age 10+


A novel that serves to highlight the ever-changing climate as a result of human choices, this story follows a little boy and his family living in the Arctic. Their home and traditional way of life are under threat through the melting of the polar ice caps, which is outside of their control or influence. Serving both as a stark depiction of the current reality and a motivation to bring about change, multi-award-winning author, Ele Fountain, excels in highlighting the importance of every life on this planet and encouraging a sympathetic response to the climate crisis.

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