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Snow & Ski | Baby Snowsuits to Keep them Cosy

Parents with babies born in the colder months will be familiar with baby snowsuits and their value as an essential everyday item. Rather than trying to squeeze on coats and jackets over bulky winter clothing, snowsuits are great for layering over the top of more lightweight layers as they provide the right amount of warmth and protection against the elements on frosty days.

You’ll find lots of functional features, such as water-repellent fabrics, thick feather and down padding and little additions that can be zipped on and off like hoods and mittens, snowsuits are the must-have item for heading to the slopes with babies and toddlers. With ski season here, we've put together a cosy collection of baby snowsuits for parents who plan to take their little one on their first snowy adventure.

4 Nov 2019

Ready for Outdoor Adventures

Zip them up in one of these super-cosy suits and they'll be smiling on the chilliest days.

Töastie - Бирюзовый утепленный зимний комбинезон | ChildrensalonTöastie
85,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Розовый зимний комбинезон с животными | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
175,00 £
Burberry - Голубой зимний комбинезон | ChildrensalonBurberry
450,00 £
Molo - Черный непромокаемый зимний комбинезон с космическим принтом | ChildrensalonMolo
135,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Голубой зимний комбинезон для малышей | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
172,00 £
Mini Rodini - Кремово-черный зимний комбинезон Панда | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
170,00 £
Molo - Розовый зимний комбинезон с градиентом | ChildrensalonMolo
160,00 £
Chloé - Розовый зимний комбинезон для девочек | ChildrensalonChloé
270,00 £
Mayoral - Синий утепленный зимний комбинезон | ChildrensalonMayoral
59,00 £
MARC JACOBS - Розовый зимний комбинезон для малышек | ChildrensalonMARC JACOBS
169,00 £

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