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Life as a Mum of Triplets with @our_three_amigos | National Siblings Day


National Siblings Day  falls on 10th April each year. Like many of these officially recognised dates, it's a perfect excuse to celebrate, but more importantly, it's a time for brothers and sisters to honour their siblings. 

In recognition of this union, we spoke to Vimla, mother of six -  @our_three_amigos, - about life with her identical triplet sons and three older children.


Raising multiples is both a challenging and rewarding task. Vilma speaks candidly about her experiences of juggling the needs of her six children and the unique bond her identical triplets share.

1 Apr 2021

Vimla says...

‘Hello my name is Vimla, I'm a mother of six children, three of which are identical triplet boys. My partner's name is Keith and we are a blended family of Indian, Caribbean, and British heritage. We don't take life too seriously and there is never a dull moment in our household. My eldest son, Jahmali, is 17, my only daughter, Samara, is 13, Cassius is nine and my triplet boys are all aged four. 

We are hugely impressed that you have six children! What was your reaction when you heard that you were expecting triplets?

Thank you. As you may imagine, we were in total shock and disbelief. We already had two boys and a girl and then suddenly we were blessed with our identical triplets. I must say it did take a long time to sink in, we even rang the hospital to double-check there was no mistake. After the initial shock had passed, I suddenly turned to Google to research identical triplets as I was clueless – I had never even seen triplets before.

You must have had your hands full! How did your older children adjust to having triplet siblings and how are the different relationships now?

We had our hands full, but we work great as a team and everyone plays their part. From birth, the elder siblings wanted to be involved, helping with bottle feeds, playing and watching over their brothers. Even though there are some larger age gaps they all get along so well and have formed a tight bond. Cassius is like the ringleader of the triplets – they follow him everywhere. Samara is like a 'Mini Mum', they go to her when they need help with something and she loves to put them to bed. Jahmali is nearly 18 now so pretty much does his own thing but he did help a lot when they were babies.

The triplets are identical. Do you often have a hard time telling them apart?

This is probably the question I get asked the most and I totally understand why. I must say that, as their parents, we just 'know' who is who. Perhaps it's because we see them face-to-face daily and they all have different personalities. However, when I look back at baby pictures, I actually struggle to see the differences! They are usually dressed the same so sometimes if they've run off into the distance, I may call them by the wrong name – but they soon correct me.

Tell us about your favourite day or memory as a family of eight?

As a family of eight, I would have to say my favourite memory is our very first family holiday together in Albufeira, Portugal a few years ago. So many wonderful memories were made. The weather was beautiful, the triplets were only one and a half years old and got so much attention being pushed around in their triple buggy. We did a lot of family activities, exploring together and, most importantly, a lot of family firsts.

All images by @our_three_amigos

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