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Halloween Crafts | DIY with @arangoirene

Create your own costumes and spooky snacks with our Funnybones-themed crafts. If you looking to keep your kids entertained this Halloween, why not make your own glow-in-the-dark skeleton costumes? Fun and frightfully entertaining when the lights go out, making these looks couldn't be easier! All you need is plain black clothing and some fluorescent sticky tape.

Hosting this Halloween? Put together a perfectly spooky spread with delicious bone-shaped chocolatey snacks. Crafty mother-of-two Irene Arango of @arangoirene shows us how to put these tasty treats together, along with step-by-step instructions to create your very own skeleton costumes.

2 Oct 2023

Glow-in-the-dark skeleton costumes

If you're looking for a crafty activity this Halloween, why not try making your own costumes? Inspired by one of my children’s favourite Halloween books, Funnybones, we decided to dress up as skeletons and, to make it more fun while trick-and-treating, we even made them glow! 

The truth is that these costumes were quick to make and a lot of fun for the kids at the same time. All you need is plain dark clothing, scissors, a roll of glow-in-the-dark tape (make sure it doesn’t need UV light to make it glow) and a few excited kids to help out with all the cutting and sticking. I’d like to mention that the tape seems to stick best to cotton clothing, so try to go for that material.

Basically, we tried to replicate the most common bones in the body: the spine, ribs, pelvis, legs and arms. Ariana was cutting all the different bone sizes, Oliver was taking the backing off the tape and we were all sticking the bone-shaped pieces on to our costumes. There were lots of giggles, we had a lot of fun and we think the result is pretty spook-tacular.

You will need:

- Plain black clothing
Glow-in-the-dark tape
Our handy cut-out sheets

How to make your skeleton costumes:

- Lay your plain black clothing flat on a table.

Cut strips of tape to create the bones — you can tailor them to the bones you are imitating. For thicker bones, like hip bones, try layering the tape.

Peel the back of the tape bones and stick the bones onto the clothing to imitate a skeleton. Alternatively, use our friendly skeleton printables below to help you.

Print and Cut Out

Head, Hands & Feet


Funnybones-inspired snacks

Inspired by family favourite, Funnybones, we created a Halloween snack, perfect for your celebrations. Ideal for little hands to put together themselves, these delicious messy bones are the ideal spooky treat to add to your Halloween spread.

You will need:

- Breadsticks
- Large marshmallows (we used vegan brand, Dandies)
White chocolate (we make our own using cacao butter, white food colouring and sugar but store-bought chocolate works well too)

How to make the snacks:

- Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.

While it is melting, cut the marshmallows to resemble the ends of bones. A little triangle off one end usually does the trick.

- Connect a marshmallow to each end of a breadstick.

Dip the ‘bone’ structure into the melted white chocolate then place them on greaseproof paper to dry.


- Eat and enjoy! Yum!

All images by @arangoirene

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