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Frugi | Changing the shape of sustainable childrenswear

Founded upon principles rooted in sustainability, multi-award-winning Frugi has retained its commitment to creating clothing that is fun to wear and kind to the planet. The brand was born in 2004 as ‘Cut4cloth’ by Lucy and Kurt, parents who had chosen to use cloth nappies but couldn’t find the clothes to accommodate them. Following four years of considerable growth, the brand name changed to Frugi, Latin for ‘Fruits of the Earth’, to reflect their ever-growing environmentally-friendly offering.

Renowned for bright, bold and colourful prints, Frugi is a well-recognised children’s clothing brand, popular with parents and particularly championed by parents who are sustainability focused. Offering its range in GOTS certifiedorganic cotton and rainwear made from recycled plastic bottles, the brand is committed to providing quality products that are sustainably sourced and good for the Earth.

5 Jul 2021

Eco-conscious parenting

Frugi was founded by parents who were focused on parenting in as eco-friendly a way as possible. Lucy and Kurt had chosen to use cloth nappies to spare the planet from more disposables in landfills. When designing the first pieces for their collection, they had cloth nappies in mind which require more room than most baby and toddler garments allow. By designing their collection around the space requirements of reusable nappies, Frugi has championed sustainable parenting from the outset and still ‘cut for cloth’ today.

Planet-kind clothing

The everyday items of clothing are bright and colourful with fun, bold prints. Frugi is a brand that does not compromise on quality – all cotton clothing is made using organic cotton that is both Soil Association certified as well as GOTS certified. There are many benefits to using organic cotton over regular cotton. Certified organic cotton is grown without using synthetic chemicals which protects the planet from unnecessary toxic substances.

Frugi are committed to planet-friendly clothing with their outerwear and bag collections too. Their coats, jackets, lunch bags and rucksacks are made from recycled plastic bottles – a fantastic effort to reduce plastic pollution and recycle waste material.

Even their swimwear and Sun Safe products meet the most stringent standards for being as environmentally-friendly as possible. They are all made using Okeo-tex fabrics which means they are certified as being free from nasty chemicals that could harm the planet.

Frugi - Серый топ из органического хлопка | ChildrensalonFrugi

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15,00 £

Frugi - Синие плавки-шорты для мальчиков | ChildrensalonFrugi

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12,00 £

Unisex styles

With their colourful and playful style, much of the Frugi collection is suitable for boys and girls alike, making it a popular choice for parents. Combined with their strong and hard-wearing fabrics, Frugi clothing can be passed on to siblings or friends, whatever their gender. This encourages another of their core values: reuse.


Aligned with a principle close to our heart, Frugi champions people over profit and, every year, they donate 1% of their turnover to charity. This donation is made regardless of profit, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to doing good. To date, Frugi has donated over £850,000 to charity, a highly commendable achievement.

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