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Festival Season | Customise your own clothing | DIY

Summer means sun, fun and amongst other things, festival season! 

Woodstock is said to have been the original festival, held in New York, USA in 1969. This set the trend for the music festivals we're familiar with today, some of the most famous being Glastonbury, UK (1970), Lollapalooza, USA (1991) and Coachella (1999), California, USA. Although many of these include provisions now for families, the years preceding Covid-19 in 2019, saw the rise in popularity of festivals designed for families. One of the first and most well-known is Camp Bestival, held in

Dorset, UK since 2008 and specifically aimed at families with young children.
Like most of the world, we were looking forward to festival season this year, however, since COVID-19 restrictions are still widely in place, we were disappointed that the majority of these had to be cancelled.
​​​​​​Despite this, the boho-themed festival style is a summertime trend whether or not you are actually going to a festival. For little ones, cool additions to clothing such as pom-poms, fringing and motifs make outfits extra fun. 

23 Jun 2021

Festival Fashion

It's always fun to host your own event at home. Last year, in conjunction with @nads_bamba_bobo we showed you how you can host your own festival at home. This year, our focus is on fashion and what better way to make your own clothing? 
Customised clothing is so cool right now and little ones simply love this quirky trend. With our awesome, downloadable stencils it has never been so fun and easy for them to create their own designs. Choose cute emojis and fun slogans in a choice of your own colours, to give a fresh update to classic denim.

A Denim Jacket

Is there a more versatile item of clothing than a denim jacket? For overcast days and cooler summer evenings, it's the perfect piece to have to hand as you can easily layer it over dresses, T-shirts and more. This is an essential item for carrying through from summer to autumn when you need an extra layer over lightweight jumpers and come winter, it will sit comfortably under coats and puffer jackets. 

You will need:

- Fabric paint
- Scoring knife and scoring board
- Paint brushes/sponges
- A denim jacket
- Our downloadable stencils

How to customise your jacket:

- Print off our downloadable stencils and cut out the grey areas using a scoring knife and scoring board. Cut out the stencils so that you have individual pieces - this will make it easier to place onto the jacket.

- Mix up the paints until you get your desired colours and make sure the paint is quite thick, otherwise, it may run.

- Start with the front of the jacket and place a stencil onto the area you want, holding it down firmly, then sponge/paint carefully within the stencil.

- Wait a few minutes for the paint to dry slightly before peeling the stencil off. You can continue to decorate the front of the jacket, but make sure you wait for this side to completely dry before turning it over to decorate the back.

- Continue until you have the look you want, and wait until the whole thing is completely dry before wearing.

A Pair of Jeans

The go-to for all seasons and in particular the perfect match for a 'nice top'. From flared to skinny, to relaxed and baggy mom fit, no little wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of jeans. Opt for classic blue with a choice of pastel, white and black, and more to complete their collection. 

You will need:

- A needle and thread
- 1 x pair of scissors
- 1 x length of large pom-pom trim (we used approximately 1/2 metre)*
- 1 x length of small pom-pom trim (we used approximately 30cm)*
- Lace trim - 2cm width (we used approximately 9cm on the front pockets, and 10.5cm on the back pockets)*

* The length you need will depend on the size of the jeans - measure the width around the hem of the legs and pockets to determine the size

How to customise your jeans:

- Using the lace, carefully hold it in place along the top of the front pocket and cut to size before, measuring it out on the next pocket and finally the back two pockets. Using the needle and thread, make tiny stitches to attach each piece.

- Taking the small pom-pom trim, measure along the picket edge of the front pockets, trimming each piece to size. Carefully sew each piece in place. 

- Finally, using the large pom-pom trim, measure and cut each piece to the size of the hem around the bottom of each leg and attach it in place using the needle and thread.

All images by Childrensalon

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